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Sao Beach – The “sleeping muse” needs to be woken up of Pearl Island

Bai Sao – The “forgotten” pearl in the middle of Pearl Island…

Located in the south of Phu Quoc, Bai Sao “beautiful like a picture” has long been familiar to many tourists, is the place “you remember the most when it comes to Phu Quoc” for young tourists.

The name Bai Sao originates from folk theory, in the past, when the sunset fell, the starfish would come up to cover the sandy shore and under the water to bathe in the moon, so the people here named the sea. This is Bai Sao.

Bai Sao - The slumbering muse of Pearl Island needs to be awakened - Photo 1.

The picturesque Sao Beach is a familiar destination for many tourists when coming to Phu Quoc

More than 7km long, Bai Sao possesses a strangely peaceful and fresh beauty: sparkling turquoise blue ocean, fine white sand beaches, calm waves lapping the shore, rocky capes protruding into the sea. , the soaring coconut groves reaching out to the sea … all create the wild, clear and pure features of this sea.

At the end of 2021, Le Figaro newspaper suggested to French tourists about 7 worthwhile experiences to come to Vietnam as soon as international tourism reopens, and one of them is: “Visit Bai Sao – the place to contribute The part that makes Phu Quoc’s name with fine sand and clear sea water is very suitable for scuba diving.”

Bai Sao - The sleeping muse that needs to be awakened of Pearl Island - Photo 2.
Coming to Bai Sao, visitors will experience many interesting activities. Photo Shutterstock

Before that, in 2015, Bai Sao was also voted by CN Traveler readers in the list of 10 most pristine and quiet beaches in the world next to the famous beaches of Maldives, Fiji, Mexico or Australia.

Search results on the social network Instagram with keywords related to Bai Sao will have more than 40,000 mentions and more than 3,000 check-ins of visitors from all over the world. This shows that Bai Sao’s attraction is not inferior to world famous beaches such as Paradise (Phuket, Thailand); South Beach (Miami, USA) or Kelingking (Bali, Indonesia)…

Favored endowed with precious natural conditions, many experts or tourists believe that Bai Sao has a favorable starting point and can completely register on the map of the world’s “tourist paradises”. If there are big investors coming here to build up here the proper and proper service and tourism ecosystems.

…but not properly displayed

Currently, coming to Bai Sao, besides the experience of swimming, checking-in on the beach; Visitors can participate in recreational activities on the sea such as kayaking, water canoe, scuba diving, fishing… and enjoy local cuisine at the restaurants along the coast. Tourists are “attracted” to Bai Sao because of its natural beauty, but the types of tourism services here are still spontaneous and private, without the form of nature conservation and affecting the environment. sea.

Bai Sao - The sleeping muse that needs to be woken up of Pearl Island - Photo 3.

Or for example, just 3km from Bai Sao, from a poor fishing village more than half a decade ago, Bai Kem has now transformed into a destination for many billionaires and world-famous stars thanks to being beautified by an ecosystem. resort tourism – entertainment – luxury real estate created by Sun Group with names registered on the world tourist map: JW Marriott Phu Quoc Emerald Bay Resort, the “garden of paradise” on the nose Mr. Doi Sun Premier Village The Eden Bay or the tropical resort urban area Sun Tropical Village…

Bai Sao - The sleeping muse that needs to be awakened of Pearl Island - Photo 4.

After more than half a decade, Bai Kem has “makeover” under the hands of the beauties of the Sun Group lands. Sun Property’s photo

Conspicuously, looking at the landscape advantage, Bai Sao is not inferior to the “treasures” of the Maldives, Thailand or even Bai Kem; But in order to exploit all the potentials and show all the strengths, Bai Sao needs a “hands” of methodical, professional planning, on a larger scale both in terms of infrastructure and services.
According to recent statistics, Phu Quoc has about 28,000 hotel rooms with nearly half being 5-star standard rooms; But a top beautiful beach like Bai Sao is completely absent from the presence of high-class, well-invested tourist complexes. Therefore, if there is an “open hand” like Sun Group with the experience of making Bai Kem a favorite destination for tourists or creating a super complex of high-class resort entertainment Hon Thom Paradise Island, Bai Sao has enough potential. force can shine on the international tourism map, contributing to the roadmap to turn Phu Quoc into a global destination.
At that time, not only will the value of Bai Sao destination be increased, approaching the elite; that great benefits from service business, accommodation, commerce and even real estate associated with tourism and resort are also open to local residents and investors.
…In the next 5 or 10 years, the road leading to Bai Sao will no longer be rugged and winding, but instead will be wide boulevards, or the familiar image when searching for Sao beach will not only be coconut trees and sandstone trees. “legendary” swing, but will also have the presence of iconic works of international stature, as well as worthy experiences.

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