SEA Games 31 | Vietnam men’s futsal team starts training in Ha Nam

At the end of the training tour in Thailand, on May 5, it took Vietnam futsal team one day to move from Bangkok to Ha Nam. After a period of rest, on the afternoon of May 6, Mr. Pham Minh Giang’s teachers and students went to the gymnasium in Ha Nam province to practice. This is also the first practice session at the official gymnasium at SEA Games 31 of Vietnam futsal team. The quality of the pitch is good, the lights are guaranteed, so coach Pham Minh Giang is satisfied with the stadium.

“The pitch is good, true to the AFC. However, the current trend like in the World Cup is to use wooden courts. But anyway, this surface is already very good. The playing surface is right for the training ground. of the South Vietnamese futsal team so far, so the feeling of the ball is familiar,” said Mr. Pham Minh Giang.

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Because he just returned from Thailand, the captain of Vietnam futsal team did not ask the students to practice much. The main exercises of the Vietnamese men’s futsal team improve the ability to organize attacks as well as finish. In this first training session, two players Thinh Phat and Gia Hung had to practice recovery with physical assistants outside the field due to minor injuries during the match in Thailand.

Talking about the results of the training trip when he won 2 matches and lost 1 match in a friendly trip in Thailand, coach Pham Minh Giang said: “Regarding the results of the 3 training matches in Thailand, the players have improved more. The previous tournament was about finishing and controlling the ball. Our players played better and improved, so the results were better.”

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Another problem that brings satisfaction to the captain of the Vietnamese men’s futsal team is the problem of fitness. “When a tournament is over, we always look at our weaknesses to overcome. You can also see that in the past Southeast Asian futsal tournament, there is a lack of physical strength. So in this gathering, I push the training intensity higher. The players eat better, so their fitness has improved a lot, “said Mr. Giang.

According to head coach Pham Minh Giang, the Vietnamese futsal team mainly reviews the tactical exercises that have been painstakingly built in the past few days before entering the 31st SEA Games, and at the same time, researches. opponents to find solutions.

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