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SeolA (WJSN) was voted the most beautiful Queendom 2

As the member with the most fans of WJSN because of his top visuals, SeolA He has never disappointed fans with his appearance. If in 2021 SeolA ranked 2nd in the top female idols with visuals most loved by lesbians, this year, SeolA continues to rank 1st Visual Queen by the contestants. Queendom 2 vote.

SeolA was voted as the top visual by Queendom 2 contestants

Winning the hearts of female idols in the same contest Queendom, SeolA is extremely cute in the moment worthy of being named the top visual of the show. Currently, this moment of the idol girl is going viral on social media and receiving many compliments from netizens. In a moment of joy, SeolA shared: “Thank you, dear. I will try to be more beautiful.”

SeolA is loved for her pretty looks and cheerful personality

Close-up of Queendom 2’s top Visual Queen

Netizen’s comment:

– But I have to admit that she looked at the book. I don’t know anything about WJSN but after watching 2 episodes of Queendom, I fell in love with her.

– The Love Shot fancam is so captivating.

-If the show is all girls, it’s hard to blame why she’s top 1.

– She’s really pretty. The spirit when dancing is always faint.

– Kim SeolA is forever plum.

Some of SeolA’s ecstatic moments on stage:

Source: allkpop beautiful-beautiful-hon-nua-20220506183535535.chn

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