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Sitting next to the altar of the land, Thai tourists are not criticized but also sympathized

Recently, in a popular video on TikTok, a foreign female tourist in Thailand was discovered using the altar of the old man as a table to rest.

She innocently used the phone, despite the local people around paying their respects. However, cultural breakdown when going travel This did not make Thai netizens uncomfortable. On the contrary, they also have a happy, gentle reception and do not consider it an insult.

Casually using the local altar as a resting table, Thai tourists are not condemned, on the contrary, they are sympathized

Image cut from video.

Local altars appear all over Thailand. Like in many other Asian countries, it is a place of worship for the gods who take care of the land and houses. You can find such altars in offices, large buildings or private homes.

Thai people also work hard to prepare daily offerings for the altar. Offerings often include marigold flowers and sweet treats such as canned fruit and juice.

But the most popular offering is strawberry-flavored soft drink. Sales of these soft drinks in Thailand even surpass those in the US and China, but most of them are never consumed.

According to Thethaiger, this is a modern alternative to the tradition of using animal blood as an offering. Also according to Thai people, the gods are very fond of sweets. Therefore, a can of strawberry flavored soft drink with 32g of sugar becomes ideal.

Thai tourists use the local altar as a resting table.

In the video, the foreign female tourist is completely oblivious to the fact that people around are burning incense, praying and greeting “wai” every time they pass the altar. However, the Thai online community has a very gentle attitude to the incident.

Here are some comments from Thai netizens under the video:

“This tourist must be thinking ‘Thai people are so polite, they always greet me wai when they pass by!'”.

“Luckily she didn’t think the soda was for her.”

“Isn’t anyone going to tell her? Haha”.

“If you don’t know, that’s okay.”

Source: Thethaiger con-duoc-cam-thong-20220506154706511.chn

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