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Saturday, May 7, 2022 10:00 AM (GMT+7)

Eureka NER 800 robot vacuum cleaner promises to be a home cleaning solution for every family with impressive working capacity and many advanced features to effectively support the family.

Eureka may still be a relatively new name for Vietnamese users, but it is a long-standing famous brand in the US. Eureka was established in 1909, specializing in home cleaning appliances such as vacuum cleaners.

First impression

Eureka NER 800 has a circular disc design with a diameter of 35cm. This is the most common type of robot vacuum cleaner design today.

On hand robot vacuum cleaner Eureka NER 800: Too many things to try - 1

The design of Eureka NER800 brings a feeling of both modern and luxurious

In terms of size, it can be judged that the Eureka is medium in size. If placed in a small apartment under 40m2, this robot may find it a bit overwhelming and users need to prepare an appropriate area to place the charging dock as well as store the robot when not in use without affecting the space. However, this size also has advantages when it helps the NER800 carry a larger dust container and prevent water.

On hand robot vacuum cleaner Eureka NER 800: Too many things to try - 2

Large dust bin with HEPA filter cleaning brush of NER800

The upper part of the machine is a control panel that cannot be simpler than that with only 2 buttons: the start button and the button to the charging station. This top part also includes a cover to help you get the dust bin of the machine for cleaning. The dust box uses a HEPA filter to help prevent fine dust from entering. When removing the dust bin for cleaning, the machine will emit a warning sound to avoid vacuuming but there is no dust bin. The bottom part includes 2 auxiliary brush blades, wheels, sweeping brush, water tank and cleaning cloth.

On hand robot vacuum cleaner Eureka NER 800: Too many things to try - 3

The top design of the NER800 includes 2 start buttons and a call button to the charging dock, in the middle is the area where the laser sensor is located.

According to the manufacturer’s information, the Eureka NER800 is equipped with a laser LIDAR sensor (located on the top) and 30 sensors around the body to help it navigate intelligently, memorize the map and wriggle between obstacles in the road. House without collision, fall down.

Eureka NER800 is equipped with a 5200mAh battery, enough for 180 minutes of continuous operation, equivalent to cleaning a room of 200m2 in just 1 charge.

Eureka NER800 also has the ability to connect with the eureka smartphone application to control advanced functions such as scheduling, remote control, custom cleaning map …

On hand robot vacuum cleaner Eureka NER 800: Too many things to try - 4

Once connected to the app, you can control more features of the Eureka NER800.

The remarkable cleaning ability of the robot

Equipped with a suction motor with 4000Pa pressure, Eureka NER800 is considered to be capable of sucking as strong as the most advanced robot vacuums on the market.

In addition to the main suction motor, the machine is also equipped with a set of 2 auxiliary brushes in front to help collect dirt more and more effectively. The main broom of the NER800 is designed in the form of a V-shaped roller with stiff and thick bristles that ensure to dislodge dirt that adheres to the floor.

An outstanding feature of Eureka NER800 is the ability to clean the house without using chemicals. To do this, the water compartment of the machine is equipped with a device that electrolyzes ordinary water into water capable of disinfecting.

On hand robot vacuum cleaner Eureka NER 800: Too many things to try - 5

NER800’s mop compartment, according to the manufacturer, the water poured into this compartment will be electrolyzed into antibacterial water.

In addition, the mopping motor system vibrates with a frequency of 500 times / minute, vibrating in the direction of simulating the movements of a floor cleaner’s hand, combined with an electronic water pump, allowing the NER800 to optimize its cleaning ability.

The NER800’s laser sensor works quite well, avoiding most obstructions and interiors while not leaving out too many cleanable areas. The machine does not go back and forth in an area too many times, indicating that the system has well memorized each area it passes through and has cleaned.

On hand robot vacuum cleaner Eureka NER 800: Too many things to try - 6

The robot can easily wriggle and calculate the way to go into hidden corners such as under the chair under the table while avoiding this cat.

In addition, the robot has 2 large serrated wheels that help it move and overcome the stairs powerfully, rescuing itself if stuck by furniture on the floor.

Actual working efficiency

The apartment used to evaluate the workability of the NER800 has a relatively small floor area to be cleaned, about 30m2, and has a lot of furniture.

On hand robot vacuum cleaner Eureka NER 800: Too many things to try - 7

In fact, during the cleaning process, Eureka NER800 can reach quite deep corners such as wall corners, cabinets, …

Try to compare cleaning with Eureka NER800 compared to traditional cleaning of vacuuming and mopping to check if the robot is powerful enough.

In terms of time, the traditional vacuuming and mopping for a room under 30m2 will take about 15 to 20 minutes. If done more carefully it can take up to 25 minutes. As for the NER800, the robot takes 27 minutes for the first time, then about 20 minutes for the next time. This difference may be because in the first time, the NER800 was having to clean and redraw the map at the same time.

In terms of cleanliness, the NER800 shows that it is not inferior to manual cleaning in large areas. However, in hidden corners, covered or difficult to reach without moving furniture, the robot was “helpless”. In terms of cleanliness, traditional cleaning can be slightly better than 10-15%.

On hand robot vacuum cleaner Eureka NER 800: Too many things to try - 8

This is the dust bin of the NER800 after 3 working days, you can see that pet hair and a lot of other dirt has been sucked up.

It can be said that Eureka NER800 is an interesting vacuum cleaner: powerful in performance, diverse in features, intelligent in operation. If you want a superior home cleaning experience, the Eureka NER800 is a machine worth owning!

Eureka NER 800 official price: 9,990,000VND

From May 7 to the end of May 15, customers will receive a special price of 8,990,000 VND at the retail system of Hoang Ha, CellphoneS and e-commerce site Shopee

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