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Stab to death an elderly man who sexually assaulted a hostess

Unsatisfied with his new drinking friend, the elderly groped the hostess in a private room, Khoi and his accomplices committed the crime.

The People’s Court of Ho Chi Minh City, at the first instance trial, sentenced Nguyen Minh Khoi to 16 years in prison, and Truong Thanh Tam (both born in 1984) to seven years in prison for murder.

Regarding the case, the jury also sentenced Phan Quoc Vinh (born in 1992), Nguyen Minh Tuan (born in 1969) to two years each, and Nguyen Thanh Thao (born in 1984) to six months in prison for disorderly conduct. public.

The profile shows that on the afternoon of October 8, 2020, Tam, Khoi and a group of friends came to eat and drink in a private room at a restaurant in the city. Thu Duc.

Here, Khoi’s group got acquainted with Mr. NVO, the same guest of the restaurant. The group invited Mr. O into the exchange room, but as soon as he entered, he said he groped a female waitress.

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The three defendants were detained in the case

Dissatisfied, showing an attitude that made Mr. O. leave. He returned to continue drinking with a group of friends, defendants Tuan and Thao.

But when he finished drinking, Mr. O did not return, but returned to Khoi’s room and loudly caused trouble and cursed. Mr. O’s job was prevented by the shop manager.

By the time they reached the parking lot, the two groups had a scuffle, rushing into chaos, causing chaos in the whole area. Khoi used a broken glass to stab Mr. O.

Similarly, Tam used his foot to kick him, causing him to fall to the ground, unconscious. Mr. O died of his injuries. After committing the crime, Khoi turned himself in to the police.

After that, the Police Investigation Agency of Thu Duc District Police (now Thu Duc City) ordered the arrest of the person detained in an emergency for Tam and Vinh.

According to the Law of Ho Chi Minh City

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