Stocks sold off again, VN-Index lost more than 30 points

After yesterday’s recovery session, stock market The domestic market was negative at the beginning of this morning (May 6). VN-Index dropped nearly 27 points not long after opening.

At 9:20 a.m., VN-Index dropped 21.97 points (1.61%) to 1,338.71 points. VCB, VIC, VHM, VNM, BCM, VPB were the codes that had the most negative impact on the index.

The selling was widespread as there were only 19 green stocks while 291 decliners. Real estate, financial, industrial, and energy stocks are being hit the hardest.

However, after that, the market started to rekindle some positive signals when VN-Index narrowed its decline. At 9:50 a.m., VN-Index dropped 16.55 points (1.22%) to 1,344.13 points. In the VN30 basket, there were 2 reversal codes, POW and BVH. Large-cap stocks gradually turned positive.

Stocks sold off again, VN-Index lost more than 30 points - 1

The market is in the red. (Screenshots)

At 10:36, VN-Index dropped 20.95 points (1.53%) to 1,339.78 points. The whole HoSE had 361 losers, overwhelming 66 gainers. The VN30 group also dropped more than 21 points.

On the other side, the market still recorded some active trading groups such as insurance, steel or shipping. In which, MIG increased by 5.8%, GMD increased by 3.8%, HAH increased by 3.5%, HSG increased by 4.9%…

At the end of the morning session, the morning market continued to fluctuate around 1,340 points. Pausing the morning session, VN-Index dropped 15.60 points (1.15%) to 1,345.08 points. HoSE had 375 losers, overwhelming 63 gainers and 30 standstill stocks. In the VN30 basket, there were 25 losers, only 4 gainers and 1 standstill.

On the floor of Hanoi, HNX-Index down 7.05 points (1.97%) to 351.70 points. UPCoM-Index fell 1.65 points to 102.17 points. Market liquidity was low with the trading value of 3 exchanges reaching nearly VND 10,000 billion.

In the afternoon session, VN-Index extended its drop with the plunge of large-cap groups. At 14:00, VN-Index decreased by 18.01 points (1.32%) to 1,342.67 points. The market does not seem to have found an equilibrium point when all business sectors simultaneously dropped points. By 2:17 pm, the VN-Index decreased by 29.03 points (2.13%) to 1,331.65 points. HoSE had 394 losers, overwhelming 53 gainers and 32 standstill stocks. The VN30 group had only 1 gainer, the remaining 29 decliners.

Similarly, HNX-Index also lost 11.52 points (3.21%) to 347.23 points. UpCOM-Index decreased 2.07 points to 101.75 points.

At the end of the session, the whole market was still in red. Closing the trading day, VN-Index dropped 31.42 points (2.31%) to 1,329.26 points. The HOSE was red with 394 losers, of which 46 went to the floor and only 59 gained. Many stocks on the floor came from real estate, construction, and securities groups.

HNX-Index dropped 15.29 points (4.26%) to 343.46 points. The whole floor had 38 stocks of stocks, 195 stocks of losing and 34 stocks of standing still. UPCoM-Index fell 1.94 points (1.87%) to 101.88 points. Market liquidity is still very low with a total value of nearly 20,000 billion dong. Foreign investors net sold about 60 billion dong on HoSE.

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