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Systems in Vietnam suffered more than 4,600 cyberattack incidents

Assessing the work of ensuring information security of agencies and organizations in April 2022, the Ministry of Information and Communications, the standing agency of the National Committee on Digital Transformation, said that the inspection, assessment and supervision Monitoring, ensuring safety and network security for information systems serving e-Government continues to be promoted.

In April 2022, the National Cyber ​​Security Monitoring Center (NCSC) under the Information Security Administration, MIC has recorded, warned and guided to handle 938 cyberattacks that caused problems on the Internet. information systems in Vietnam; down 9.37% compared to March 2022.

Previously, according to statistics from the system of NCSC, in the first quarter of this year, there were 3,678 cyberattacks causing problems on information systems in Vietnam recorded and warned by this agency. and processing.

Thus, in the first 4 months of this year, the total number of cyberattacks on information systems in Vietnam causing incidents was 4,616.

Systems in Vietnam suffered more than 4,600 cyberattack incidents
The number of incidents of cyber attacks on information systems in Vietnam in April decreased by 9.37% compared to the previous month (Artwork: Internet)

In order to ensure network information security, the Ministry of Information and Communications said that in the coming time, it will strengthen supervision, proactively scan Vietnam’s cyberspace, evaluate and make statistics, and continue to promote propaganda and warnings. on the mass media for users to know and avoid.

Previously, in an exchange at a recent seminar on research on cryptographic application and information security, the representative of the Information Security Department, the Ministry of Information and Communications once again emphasized the point of view of ensuring information security in transferring data. digital transformation has been clearly stated by the Prime Minister in the National Digital Transformation Program. That is: “Ensuring network safety and security is the key to successful and sustainable digital transformation, and is an integral part of digital transformation. Every device, product, software, information system, and investment project in IT has a mandatory configuration of network safety and security right from the moment of design.”

The representative of the Information Security Administration suggested that agencies, organizations, businesses and the community cooperate with the Ministry of Information and Communications to implement the national strategy on information security for the period up to 2030, fully implementing 7 solutions. and 2 principles of information security in digital transformation.

Specifically, 2 principles to ensure network safety and security in digital transformation are: If information safety is not guaranteed, it has not been put into use; An experimental information system with real data should be kept as secure as the official information system.

Seven network information security solutions recommended by the Information Security Department and the Ministry of Information and Communications for agencies and organizations to focus on deploying include: Internal software developed by professional units, in compliance with development regulations Safe Software Development Framework (DevSecOps); The information system fully implements the plan to ensure information security by level; The information system is managed and operated according to a 4-layer model (including on-site forces; professional security supervision; independent inspection and assessment; connection and sharing of monitoring data to the Monitoring Center. national cyber security surveillance); The information system is checked and assessed for network information security before being put into use, when it is upgraded or changed, and periodically according to regulations; Information security supervision; Protection of personal information; Centralized anti-malware.

“Information security is an important and prerequisite condition. Humanity will have living space shifts. And every transition requires security. We would like to affirm, information security for all and need the companionship and participation of all ministries, branches, localities, organizations, businesses and the entire community.the representative of the Information Security Department emphasized.

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