TCL C635 – The perfect choice for sports fans

TCL C635 – The perfect choice for sports fans - Photo 1.

TCL C635 series to be launched with other products in 2022

Having ears, eyes thanks to top-notch technology

Enjoy intense matches in front of a large screen with vivid, realistic and sharp images. Those are the experiences that the TCL C635 TV will bring to you. With a QLED screen with 4K resolution containing extremely high pixel density, the TV will be the place to help you enjoy amazingly detailed and sharp images. In addition, TCL C635 also owns Wide Color Gamut (WCG) technology with the ability to add white to 3 RGB colors (red, green, blue), thereby, enhancing color reproduction. At the same time, WCG also shows strength on low-light shooting content, or old movies before when the light quality is not high to bring a new and beautiful visual experience. From there, the beautiful ball lines, sharp punches or decisive movements of athletes, … will all appear vividly and realistically in front of your eyes.

TCL C635 – The perfect choice for sports fans - Photo 2.

TCL QLED 4K – the true TV of sports fans during the SEA Games season with many attractive features.

Not only that, one of the “score” factors of this TV for sports fans is its ability to bring viewers into the world inside the screen. That means, thanks to the TCL C635 TV, the experience of watching the match at home will be no different from the feeling of being in a real audience outside. The duo Dolby Vision and Dolby Atmos are the two ultimate weapons that make this special experience.

On the visual front, Dolby Vision adds metadata to HDR’s inherent display capabilities to create images that are vibrant and full of depth. The metadata also conducts analysis to optimize the ability to accurately display content in each frame and help the displayed content receive the perfect combination of brightness, contrast, and performance. show colors, thereby helping viewers perceive what is in front of them to an amazing degree of realism. On the audio front, Dolby Atmos from identifying the source of the sound reproduces and edits the sound to create a vivid 3-D audio experience from all directions in space with clarity, detail, and depth. so amazing. At the same time, the support from Onkyo Speakers with outstanding sound quality will bring moments of thrill and excitement as much as the feeling of standing in the real stands.

With ears, eyes, giving the feeling that the competition is happening right in front of your eyes, it can be said that TCL C635 is the true TV of sports fans in this SEA Games season.

Unlimited entertainment

Not only possessing leading audio-visual technology, this TV also owns Google TV with an entertainment store that is constantly updated with the hottest, most refined content in real time. Sports fans can enjoy the “hot” matches, closely following the rankings and performance of the athletes.

Not only watching, the TV also helps sports fans, especially e-sports, to immerse themselves in exciting matches thanks to DLG (Dual Line Gate) technology. Bringing the ability to self-regulate content, maximize refresh rate (up to 120Hz) and minimize lag, the TV promises to deliver lag-free, smooth gaming experience like no other. play games on PC.

TCL C635 – The perfect choice for sports fans - Photo 3.

Unlimited entertainment storage, meeting all the needs of users.

TCL C635 – The perfect choice for sports fans - Photo 4.

DLG technology makes for a smooth, lag-free gaming experience.

The sports fan community is giving positive reviews to this TV.

“Watch without lag, no lag, affordable price. Worth a try!”

“Realistic, vivid screen. Hard to invest in the largest screen version, turn off the lights, it’s no different from the live viewing experience!”

And you, this SEA Games season, will you let TCL C635 accompany you and your family?

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