Testimony of the driver taking the phone of 2 Russian female tourists in Hanoi’s Old Quarter

Driver Tran Quoc Hung said that because he thought that the 2 female tourists did not know Vietnamese, he appropriated 2 phones that were charging in the car.

On the afternoon of May 6, Hoan Kiem District Police (Hanoi City) said that the unit had issued a decision to criminally arrest taxi driver Tran Quoc Hung (SN 1988, residing in Xuan Truong district, Nam Dinh province) for his behavior. “Obviously appropriate property”.

At the police station, Tran Quoc Hung confessed that at the dawn of 5/5, Hung picked up 2 women traveler Russians live on Lan Ong Street (Hoan Kiem District, Hanoi) to the food street area of โ€‹โ€‹Hang Bong Ward (Hoan Kiem District). On the way, because the phone ran out of battery, 2 female tourists asked Hung to charge it.

At about 3 o’clock on May 5, the taxi went to the intersection of Hang Bong Lane and Hang Bong Street, because there was no Vietnamese money, so the two female tourists told the driver to wait to change money.

Testimony of the driver taking the phone of two Russian female tourists on Hanoi's Old Quarter-1
Taxi driver Tran Quoc Hung took the phone of 2 female tourists.

However, while waiting for guests, Hung saw 2 phones charging and thought that the 2 Russian female tourists who did not know Vietnamese would be difficult to call or report to the police, so he got greedy and drove. run away.

Through verification, at 11:30 a.m. on May 5, Hoan Kiem District Police invited Hung to work, and at the same time recovered 2 mobile phones and returned them to tourists.

Previously, the social network Facebook appeared with pictures and information about two Russian girls who were said to have been stolen by a taxi driver at dawn.

As one of the people present at the time of the incident and helping 2 female tourists, Mr. Hoang Hai (residing in Dong Da district, Hanoi) said that around 3am on 5/5, he and a few people You sit and eat at Hang Bong Street (Hoan Kiem District) when you hear the screams and cries of two young foreign girls.

After that, Mr. Hai and a few friends went to reassure them and learned that these two girls were from Russia. They came to Vietnam 2 days ago.

According to Mr. Hai, after being reassured by everyone, the two girls went to the police station of Hang Bong ward to report, but due to language differences, they could not write a report. The ward police guide them to the hotel, ask the language support staff. After that, Mr. Hai and his friend drove 2 female tourists to the hotel in Ba Dinh district (Hanoi City) and reported it to the front desk staff.

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