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The angry car owner who checked the camera suddenly forgave him, and praised the boy for being so good

Many parents are always worried when they let their children go out on the street alone, especially primary school children who begin to know how to use means of transportation such as bicycles. Because they are young, sometimes they do not have the necessary skills to handle if a dangerous situation occurs.

Recently, on social networks appeared a clip recording the image of a boy riding a bicycle on the road. However, because he was engrossed in eating the unfinished bread, the boy suddenly staggered, both his body and the car crashed into a car standing nearby and fell limply on the ground. The fall was so painful that it took the boy a while to get up.

Right after that, the boy took the bicycle to one side and stayed behind, not knowing what to do with the scratch on the bike. Netizens speculated that at this age, the boy probably just left or didn’t care about his own mistakes. However, the boy in the clip behaves completely differently.

Damaged a car on the side of the road, the boy acted to make everyone laugh. Source: Tiktok

The boy suddenly knelt down, bowed to the car three times, then got up to continue. Especially in the boy’s mouth, he still hadn’t finished chewing the piece of bread, making people not know whether to cry or laugh.

After discovering that their car has a problem, the car owner immediately checks the camera to find the culprit. Witnessing the whole moment, he did not know whether to laugh or cry, but immediately acquitted the boy, and had to praise “the child is too good” so he did not have the heart to blame.

Enthusiastic about eating bread, the boy fell and scratched the car: The owner of the car checked the camera, who was angry, suddenly forgave, and praised the boy for being too good - Photo 2.

The “prestige” apology is always.

Under the comment section, a series of netizens hugged their stomachs and laughed, but did not forget to praise the boy’s handling of the situation. ”Obviously you know that you can’t make it up yet, but it’s important to act and realize after something happened. Seeing the child like that stops being angry”, “The boy is very understanding, but when I see a child causing a problem, he deliberately stabbed or ran away immediately to blame”, “Kneel down to apologize but still Don’t forget to take the cake, sorry for the prestige”, ”The responsible man of the future, it’s only because of the cake”…

Everyone praised the boy for being well taught when he made a mistake that he had to apologize, even though there was no one in the car, this act of apology also made the owner of the car shake and stop pursuing. tuc-bong-tha-thu-con-compassion-cau-be-qua-gioi-20220505121616877.chn

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