The book helps you navigate the market full of risks

Faced with the impact of many global issues such as epidemics, armed conflicts, etc., in the past time, the world and domestic economies have undergone many changes, and the structure of industries in society has also changed. With inherent advantages, real estate is more interested than ever. However, there are not many books on this topic with good content written by reputable Vietnamese authors.

This is the reason for author Rich Nguyen to publish the book Macro Real Estate – Investing for Growth & Happiness. The book consists of 7 chapters: Real Estate and Macroeconomics; Supply and demand relationship in real estate; Real estate investment strategy; Risk management in real estate; 7 step process in real estate investment; Real estate legal; Meaning of success.

The book helps you navigate the market full of risks - 1

A large number of readers attended the launching ceremony of the book Macro Real Estate – Investing for Growth & Happiness by author Rich Nguyen.

The content of the book goes from macro to micro, presented in a coherent, clear, easy to understand, easy to apply manner, directing readers to become a professional real estate investor. The book has many good philosophies drawn by the author from the reality of work and life. Many contents in the book go beyond knowledge of real estate, directing people to a successful and happy life.

Author Rich Nguyen is an entrepreneur, founder and CEO of Rich Invest Investment Joint Stock Company. He is known as a speaker, a leading real estate investment strategy coach in Vietnam. In the process of starting a business, getting rich and affirming his self-worth, Rich Nguyen realizes that the source of all origins is knowledge. Choosing to follow a training career as a predestined predestined relationship, Rich Nguyen is making every effort to fulfill his life’s mission. “Dedication – Macro – Pervasive” are 3 core values ​​and guidelines in all actions of Rich Nguyen.

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