The driver panicked because of the puddle in the tunnel

AmericaThe first SUV almost stopped and then changed to the right lane, the second car did the same in front of the mirageous puddle.

The car brakes suddenly because the puddle looks like a deep hole

Jordan Mota, 30, of Milwaukee, Wisconsin, said he was shocked to see a huge hole in the lane ahead. “I thought it was huge,” said Mota, before realizing that it was actually an illusion.

“It was just water. I thought they just dug a hole there,” the driver recalls. And when Mota stopped close to the car on the right side of the road, turned on the emergency lights, he recorded at least two other drivers who also seemed to think the other puddle was a hole.

First, a Toyota SUV almost comes to a stop in the middle of the road while the driver seems to consider the situation ahead. Then the car changed to the right lane and drove around the puddle. Right after that was an old Audi Q3 speeding up quite quickly, then the driver slowed down and steered sharply, narrowly avoiding the puddle.

The puddle in the video is located in a tunnel, under the lights, creating a visual illusion, making drivers think it is a deep hole. In fact, even knowing that it is a real puddle, drivers should not risk driving through because it is impossible to know for sure what is hidden under the water.

America – England (according to Carscoops, New York Times)

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