The greater the power, the greater the responsibility

Remember a while ago, in a stream, Wolf – former star SKT T1 and a member of a generation of legends that together defended the World Championship, said he was concerned about his junior’s record. Accordingly, this Support shared that, happily, there are also young members of T1 now under heavy pressure because of the audience’s judgment that this group will forever be undefeated.

Wolf shared about T1’s “terrible” achievement on the stream with concerns about pressure on juniors

LIVE MSI 2022, it is important to remember one important thing: the teams participating in the MSI tournament are the champions of the domestic tournament they participate in. Particularly the case of Saigon Buffalo is a special exception because of the force majeure situation.

And while some teams may not really be able to match even other teams in the LCK, they still have the potential to surprise. And perhaps needless to say, MSI is also a tournament with even more potential for surprises than Worlds. Typically, it is G2 Esports – the big man of LEC, having lost twice to Phong Vu Buffalo – a team from the VCS “low-lying” area at MSI 2019.

T1 at MSI 2022: The greater the power, the greater the responsibility - Photo 2.

Faker is the one who knows best how shocking an MSI can be

Back to MSI 2022, T1 is currently the “lonely and defeated” of the village League of Legends. And so, the pressure on them is also enormous, proportional to the number of people who believe that T1 will win MSI 2022. But there is one thing to keep in mind: T1 comes to this tournament as 1 of teams with the lowest average age. And minus Faker, none of these players have ever breathed the MSI atmosphere. Even Zeus or Oner only had the first season to hit T1.

T1 at MSI 2022: The greater the power, the greater the responsibility - Photo 3.

T1 is the team with the lowest average age in the tournament, only higher than the young stars of SGB

The current young T1 is a powerful, talented team and that’s undisputed. Looking at the way Zeus plays, one feels that it has been a long time since MaRin or Duke, T1 has had such a good toplaner. And the same is the case with Zeus or Gumayusi – Keria. Even a little while ago, international media ranked T1 players dominating all positions. Oner is also rated higher than Jankos or Zeus, even above Bin, Impact… But in return, T1 currently doesn’t have too much experience in the international arena.

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T1 is highly appreciated, higher than many other “old” names of world League of Legends

The competition format is different, the matches are also shorter and every wrong move in the group stage BO matches will pay a very expensive price. Of course, T1 will still be able to easily surpass SGB, DFM or Team Aze. But the deeper they go, the more they will have to face “boggarts” who are definitely in better form than T1’s opponents in the LCK Spring last spring. And then, just one mistake in a split second is enough to change the game.

T1 at MSI 2022: The greater the power, the more responsibility - Photo 5.

T1’s young stars are under a lot of pressure, although except for Faker, the rest of the players all have their first time in the MSI 2022 playground.

T1 is currently the most appreciated team, and what Faker and his young teammates have shown in the domestic tournament has shown that this assessment is not unrealistic. But a familiar saying that: “The greater the power, the greater the responsibility.” T1’s responsibility now is to win, to respond to the expectations of Korean fans. But no one is sure, when young stars carry on their shoulders the pressure of too great responsibility, they will not make mistakes. Can Faker be brave enough to lead his juniors through the challenges? The answer will be when MSI 2022 officially starts with T1 as the opening team of the group stage.

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