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The guy has a girlfriend with only 30,000 VND

Indeed, fate is strange. Sometimes couples meet and get to know each other and lead to love in an unexpected way.

A guy is partying with his friends at a buffet. But in the end, he also got a girlfriend thanks to one last small incident.

That day, because of the desire to have fun, the tables were gone first, and in the end, only his table remained. The other brothers were all drunk, each brother was sober, so he decided to be the one to pay.

After completing the payment, he saw that the table was messy, so he took out 30,000 change from his wallet and left it as a reward for the staff to clean the table. Before he could go out, a female friend ran up to him and informed him that he had forgotten money, and in her hand was 30,000 he intentionally left behind. Because there was a reason for you to clean up because the table was a bit messy, he told the girl to give that money.

Naturally, after hearing his statement, the employee burst into tears, making him extremely confused. The other staff members also looked up, nothing was happening. Others come and tell the girl to rest they will clean up for her.

Putting 30,000 down on the drinking table at the restaurant, the guy made the employee burst into tears on the spot, but the story that happened next was beyond imagination!  - Photo 1.


The girl started to cry making everyone confused. He was bewildered, not sure what he did wrong to make a female employee cry like this.

At that time, he tried to ask her how it was, why did you cry like that.

“She said that she lost one subject today, so she was very sad. On the way to work part-time (at the restaurant I just finished eating), she fell from her car, so she was late. When she arrived, the manager scolded her, even Even though he said he fell from the car, he still scolded him like he didn’t know the reason. His parents also texted him saying he hasn’t come back for a long time…

Then going to work that day was also crowded, the work was also a lot, suddenly at the end of the day, I got 30,000 tips… I don’t know why I cried happily (it was my 30,000).

After that, I spent time comforting her, she stopped crying and thanked me by asking for my phone number, when I have time, I invite me to coffee, I also give it. After that, she blinked and said: “I also have more time on the weekend, if you have time, I will offer you coffee, thank you for today”. he told.

Perhaps, a girl with a heavy heart with all kinds of worries, worries, self-pity and hardships received encouragement at the right time. That 30,000 dong is not much, but it gives her a timely strength to help her in the tired moment of an unlucky day.

After returning home, he kept thinking about the waitress at that restaurant. That weekend, waiting for a long time without seeing the girl texting, he was the one who took the initiative. The two sides made an appointment to drink coffee, to the right shop that she chose.

Putting 30,000 down on the drinking table at the restaurant, the guy made the employee burst into tears on the spot, but the story that happened next was beyond imagination!  - Photo 2.


So the story from 30,000 has spread to many other more interesting issues. The more they talked, the more they saw each other in common and were very interested in each other’s stories. After only 3 weeks, the two officially fell in love. They have been together for 3 years now.

The girl who served the bar every year graduated from school and got a stable job. The two also plan to next year get marriedgo to the same house.

Until now, he still thanked 30,000 years for helping him find a wife. Sometimes, just a loving moment is enough to bring two people together. The more he told the story, the more he wanted to admire the well-arranged fate. Who would have thought that by drinking until the end, being the most alert among drunken friends and putting down the messy 30,000 table, the man had successfully searched for the true love of his life.

That said, we will never know how the person who will stick with us for life in the future will appear in any way. Therefore, everyone should be sincere, treat every moment in life with respect. Who knows, behind it is an unexpected future. transfer

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