The home team was kicked by Laos U23 for “shaking your face”, the Singapore newspaper said it was disappointing

On Thien Truong courtyard this afternoon (May 7), Singapore U23 there have been Laos U23 2-0 up until 89 minutes. However, this team won back 1 point thanks to 2 late equalizers from Glenn (89′) and Nicky Singh (90+6′).

Notably, Nicky Singh’s 2-2 equalizer took place when injury time had exceeded the notice by nearly 1 minute. The fact that the referee did not blow the whistle to end the game even though 5 minutes of injury time had expired is a controversial decision.

In order for Laos U23 to stone his face, the Singapore newspaper let go of disappointment with the home team - Photo 1.

Singapore U23 had to struggle to get 1 point against Laos U23. (Photo: Nhu Dat)

Meanwhile, Singapore’s The Straits Times was not very happy when the home team held a draw with Laos U23.

“This is the 3rd SEA Games in a row, Singapore U23 could not win in the opening match. At SEA Games 30, the team also had to share points with Laos U23.” The Straits Times commented.

The writer of the Singapore newspaper continued: “The Singapore players struggled to control the ball and were punished by Laos U23 with the opening goal in the 14th minute. Midfielder Zulfahmi Arifin failed to cover the situation, creating conditions for the ball to reach Ekkamai Ratxachak’s feet. and the Laos U23 player took full advantage of the opportunity to knock down goalkeeper Zaiful Nizam.

Singapore U23 did not learn any lessons after this goal. They played even more loosely and conceded one more goal early in the second half.”

Concluding the article, The Straits Times believes that Singapore U23 can breathe a sigh of relief when they equalize at the end of the game, thereby maintaining their unbeaten record against Laos in the SEA Games. However, the next challenge of Singapore U23 will not be easy when their opponent will be U23 Thailand.

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