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The only female candidate of the Young Technology Leaders Voting 2022

Pham Hoang Thu Uyen, born in 1997, is the only female candidate to participate in the voting round of the Young Technology Leaders program 2022.

At the age of 25, Pham Hoang Thu Uyen was the co-founder and CEO of MetaBlockX, as well as the co-founder and CMO of the investment fund KTS Capital. She is also an ambassador and deputy community committee of the Vietnam Blockchain Alliance – an organization of the Vietnam Digital Communications Association (VDCA).

Uyen said that the program Vote for young technology leadersdo VnExpress held annually since 2021, is an influential program in the community, bringing together “seniors” in the technology world that she admires. Therefore, this year, she decided to join to put herself out of her comfort zone, challenge her knowledge and look forward to learning from other top technology leaders.

“As the only female candidate in the voting round, I feel proud that I have partly affirmed the voice of women in the technology world. I hope I can make a miracle and go deep into the world. top 10 young technology leaders in 2022”, Uyen said.

Pham Hoang Thu Uyen.

Pham Hoang Thu Uyen.

Graduating from FPT University, she was in the top 12 of the SheCodes Hackathon and is the official Vietnamese delegate of the Global Young Knowledge Forum. The 9x female leader started learning about blockchain at the age of 19. “The initial purpose when I approached blockchain was to find a new investment direction. But when I understood this technology better, I became interested and strongly believed in the value blockchain would bring to life. live,” she shared.

Thu Uyen has invested in and directly participated in building marketing teams for many blockchain projects and large organizations such as FPT, Icetea Labs… She is considered one of the pioneering “pink balls” in promoting promotion. building Vietnamese blockchain community.

“The biggest difficulty for women when working in a male-dominated field is that they are sometimes underestimated in terms of ability. I believe that if women have the right information about the breakthrough transformation in technology, the industry. will benefit greatly because there are many female talents participating,” Uyen said.

One of the factors she focuses on when working in the new technology field is education. This is why she started her first company, media to spread knowledge. She previously cooperated with FUnix – a training unit of FPT Corporation – to orient and inspire the young generation about blockchain.

Uyen is incubating a social-technological project, applying blockchain to charity activities. “I recognize the fact that today’s charities often face a number of obstacles in achieving success due to lack of transparency, accountability issues and limited methods of receiving donations. The application of blockchain in charity will provide an alternative, with decentralized and direct transactions, that can help organizations receive donations and raise funds more efficiently,” she said. .

The voting round for the 2022 young technology leader program will take place from 12pm on May 5 to the end of May 19. Program Organizing Committee Vote for young technology leaders in 2022 30 typical profiles were found in the voting round. Selected candidates are those who meet the conditions, such as under 35 years old and all have certain achievements in different fields, from digital transformation, automation to new technologies such as AI, blockchain, NFT.

After more than a month of receiving applications, the program organizers Vote for young technology leaders in 2022 preliminary and selected 30 typical profiles to the round of voting, taking place from 12pm on 5/5 to the end of 19/5.

The results of the Voting round will be based on 30% of the judges’ profile scores and 70% of the readers’ votes. The top 20 candidates with the highest scores will enter the Interview round to select 10 outstanding young technology leaders in 2022.

The list of 10 young technology leaders in 2022 will be announced at the CTO Summit 2022 event, scheduled to take place in mid-June in Ho Chi Minh City.

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