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The President of Ukraine raised the conditions for accepting the peace agreement with Russia

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky made his position clear when asked about the minimum conditions for him to accept a peace agreement with Russia.

“I was elected by the Ukrainian people as the president of Ukraine, not the president of another country Ukraine shrunk,” Zelensky said.

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Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky. Photo: Reuters

The Kiev leader further emphasized that Russian troops must withdraw so that Ukraine can regain control of all its territory as before Moscow launched a military offensive.

According to Reuters, speaking via video online before the British foreign policy think tank Chatham House on May 6, Zelensky accused Russia of taking the view that it can escape prosecution for crimes. war through the threat of the use of nuclear weapons.

“They don’t believe they can be held accountable for war crimes because they have the power of a nuclear state in their hands. This is the 72nd day of the year. total war and we can see it’s not over yet. We do not feel side Russia there is any readiness to end the war,” Zelensky said.

According to Zelensky, Moscow has openly mentioned nuclear weapons and the possibility of Russian missiles reaching European cities. The Ukrainian president accused Moscow of “blackmailing Europe through threats”.

However, at a press conference on the same day, Russian Foreign Ministry spokesman Alexei Zaisev confirmed that Russia will not use nuclear weapons in Ukraine because it is not in accordance with the mission of the special military operation. .

Zaisev reiterated the use of nuclear weapons that are clearly enshrined in Russia’s military doctrine, and affirmed that Moscow will uphold that principle. However, the spokesman noted, Russia needs to be ready for all developments in the media space as well as on the ground.

TASS news agency quoted Zaisev as saying that Russia has repeatedly expressed its full position on the issue of nuclear weapons. Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov once said that the parties should strictly adhere to the international consensus on not allowing nuclear war as well as armed conflict between nuclear powers to avoid the risk of escalation. into nuclear war.

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How many nuclear weapons does Russia possess?

The US and the West have repeatedly expressed concern about Russian President Vladimir Putin ordering the country’s nuclear deterrent on high alert.

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