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The reasons why the Free Fire Vietnam team confidently won the gold medal at the 31st SEA Games

2 Vietnamese representatives attended the Free Fire e-sport at SEA Games 31 has a very determined spirit.

In recent years, e-sports are receiving more and more attention from the community. Especially at the 31st SEA Games to be held in Vietnam, up to 8 e-sports will be on the list of competitions. Among them, Free Fire is one of the brightest candidates for bringing home the first SEA Games gold medal for e-sports in Vietnam in general. Don’t believe it? Here are the reasons why!

Free Fire is the first sport in Vietnam’s e-sports

2 representatives of Vietnam to attend the 31st SEA Games on May 13 and May 15

Right after the opening day of the 31st Southeast Asian Games, Free Fire will be the first “open bowl” of the eight e-sports on May 13. This means that if the performance of the Free Fire players is really impressive in the 2 days of competition 13.5 and 15.5, they will become the “pioneer” in bringing home the prestigious gold medal for the team. Vietnam’s e-sports background – something that no other sport has ever done before. This will be a great responsibility as well as a great motivation for young men.

Free Fire’s lineup is a combination of youth and experience

So speaking of performance, are the 2 representatives of Free Fire Vietnam attending SEA Games 31 highly likely to win the gold medal? The answer is definitely yes. The two names representing Vietnam participating in the competition will be a combination of experience and youth. Although the selection round of this subject only took place in 3 days, their impressive performance and talent made everyone admire.

As a name so familiar to many sports, Team Flash continues to make a mark when it has a representative in the Free Fire sport. Flash squad is strong in stability and ability to coordinate team fights. With the leadership of Captain Clear – who was crowned champion in Vietnam and has fought in many international arenas, there is no doubt about the strength of Flash VN.

The reasons why the Free Fire Vietnam team confidently won gold at SEA Games 31 - photo 3

Besides, King Man is a team that attracts a lot of attention. With a relatively young squad, not much reputation, but “excellent” surpassing the big guys.Although for fans, there will still be a lot of worries about King Man’s performance, but don’t forget that this can be a “trump card” because no one knows how strongly their potential can explode. Especially for a subject that is heavy on both combat and tactics, there really aren’t too many opponents who can “grasp” the King Man team.

Trust and support of the Free Fire community and eSports enthusiasts

Coming to SEA Games 31, the players encountered many difficulties and pressures. Not the sponsored, organized teams behind, King Man only the students still sitting in the lecture halls accepting twice the effort of ordinary people to put on their jerseys.

However, on this difficult road, they are not alone because there is a whole Free Fire community that always gives their best support to the players. When receiving information that King Man was having difficulty practicing before the SEA Games, streamer Uncle Bear immediately flew to Hanoi with 4 phones that fully met the standards of competition equipment.

The reasons why the Free Fire Vietnam team confidently won gold at SEA Games 31 - photo 4

Streamer Uncle Bear “crossed a thousand miles” to support the boys at SEA Games 31

Still knowing that the road ahead is extremely difficult with many strong opponents, but with the confidence to play hard with the hope that the two words “Vietnam” will be chanted at the 31st SEA Games, King Man and Team Flash Vietnam will do their best to not disappoint the fans. Let’s support two Free Fire Vietnam teams at Free Fire Esports – Free Fire Esports.

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