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The special school that billionaire Elon Musk’s children all attend

Elon Musk is one of the most popular billionaires in the world. He is an engineer, investor, founder of SpaceX, co-founder of Tesla Motors and PayPal. He is also considered one of the great inventors of the 21st century, making a great contribution to future technological advancements.

As a scientist, he cares a lot about the education of his children. Elon Musk does not want his children to follow a traditional education and study. So he opened their own school called Ad Astra (Reach for the stars).

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Elon Musk with his 5 sons.

Elon Musk decided to let his 5 sons drop out of private schools to study at his own school and he always thought his way was right. This billionaire thinks that most of the things people learn are meaningless, because current education teaches too much knowledge that children cannot learn. never used. If this continues, children will also wonder why they should go to school and why they should study. That’s why Children should be learning what they like.

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Elon Musk founded a school called Ad Astra

It is known that Ad Astra was established in the SpaceX headquarters since 2014. In addition to the 5 sons of Elon Muskother students studying here are all children of employees working at Space X. However, the total number of students at the school does not exceed 50 students.

Musk once said about Ad Astra in 2015 that: “The school is not divided into grades, every child goes to the same level at the same time like an assembly line”. Students aged 7-14 were divided into groups, and although they received grades for each assignment, Elon Musk’s school did not grade their learning on the ABCD scale at the end of each term.

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Astra never exceeded 50 students.

At Ad Astra, there is no grade level or age discrimination. Children learn to solve problems with their classmates instead of memorizing information and taking tests. The most popular class is Synthesis. In this class, students will solve real-world conundrums, taking their thinking to the next level.

Even the timetable at Ad Astra can be described in one word as non-traditional as students learn about artificial intelligence, ethics lessons are explained through hypothetical situations: for example, decision making Determine who is to blame in a factory when they pollute a nearby lake. Sports and music are not on the schedule and foreign languages ​​are also omitted. The reason is because according to Elon Musk, real-time translation software will make studying this subject unnecessary.

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The school focuses on pushing students’ thinking to a new level.

Not only stopping at ordinary teaching, Ad Astra also invites scholars and experts in many fields to share experiences, helping children to access knowledge from many different fields and in many different ways. WOMENin addition, redTo encourage entrepreneurship among its students, Ad Astra also offers its own currency called Astra, and students enrolled here can use it to trade with friends.

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