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The “tiny” nut has the same effect as the “giant”

Sesame seeds are likened to a “tiny bodyguard” who naturally “protects” us through traditional folk remedies.

Dr. Ngo Duc Phuong, Director of the Institute of Traditional Chinese Medicine, said that sesame seeds are one of the familiar seeds with high nutritional value, especially sesame is also “famous” as a medicine with many useful effects for human health. health and beauty, is trusted by many countries’ traditional medicine.

Sesame is grown everywhere in our country for its seeds and for export. Dr. Ngo Duc Phuong also emphasized, although the sesame seeds are tiny, they contain a whole “store” of nutrients and medicines. Because sesame seeds contain enough nutritional components such as protid, lipid, glucid, fiber, vitamins B1, B2, PP, E, minerals such as: Ca, P, K, Na, Mg, Fe, Zn, Se , Cu, Mn… With 3 types of white, yellow, and black sesame, black sesame is widely used in medicine.

Telling more about the “giant” effect of this tiny seed, Dr. Herbalist Phung Tuan Giang, President of the Institute for Research and Development of Traditional Medicine of Vietnam, said that according to traditional medicine, sesame can be used alone or in combination with other medicines to treat many diseases.

The “tiny” nut has the same effect as the “giant”
A series of tiny particles with the effect of the “giant”

According to the book Manuscripts, sesame seeds nourish the five organs, distilled with honey cures many diseases. With the herbal medicine: “Sesame seeds (ma human), sesame oil (ma du) has a sweet, fatty taste, is calculated in average, and refers to 4 wastes, spleen, liver, and kidney. It has the effect of laxative, tonic for blood, tonic for the five viscera, beneficial for qi, tonic for the brain and spinal cord, strong tendons and bones, bright eyes and ears, beneficial for old age.

Accordingly, sesame is often used to treat constipation, enhance nutrition, benefit milk in nursing women, treat dysentery, detoxify, treat damage caused by trauma, burns, and boils.

In particular, the active ingredients sesamin and sesaminol in sesame oil have anti-hypertensive, cholesterol-lowering and anti-dilation effects of the heart muscle, antioxidant, and liver protection.

More special value from this small sesame seed is the ability to prevent cancer. With a large amount of nutrients and vitamins and minerals, sesame seeds also contain phytic acid, an anti-cancer compound that few people know. It acts as an antioxidant, blocking the action of free radicals.

Therefore, Dr., physician Phung Tuan Giang emphasized not only preventing cancer, this compound also helps the body enhance the activity of the immune system, slow down the aging process, improve and prevent heart disease. vessels, preventing diseases related to cognitive disorders.

“The high magnesium content in sesame seeds (with 36g of sesame seeds providing up to 31.6% of the body’s daily magnesium requirement) reduces and stabilizes blood pressure, prevents heart attacks and strokes. In addition, sesame seeds also help prevent respiratory spasms, prevent migraines and reduce premenstrual syndrome… In addition, sesame seed products have the effect of preventing and controlling diabetes in all its different states, by its ability to regulate insulin and glucose levels in the body; The fiber and fatty oil in sesame seeds make food easier to digest, so the body can also avoid digestive diseases, “Dr. Herbalist Phung Tuan Giang information.

This physician also guides a number of dishes and remedies that people can apply. Specifically:

Sesame seeds can support body weakness by taking black sesame, young mulberry leaves equal amount, small canopy, making pellets mixed with honey, 10g each, taking 1-2 times a day.

Sesame seeds also treat long-term constipation: black sesame, mulberry leaves each 100g, sa ginseng, circuit mon each 200g, small canopy, made with honey, 10g each, drink 1-2 times a day.

Hypertension, cerebrovascular atherosclerosis: black sesame, ha tho wu, ox all equal, powdered, made complete, 10g each, 2 – 3 days drink.

Chronic nephritis: 0.5kg black sesame, 0.5kg walnut, just enough red apple. Black sesame and walnut puree, 3 times a day, 20g each, after drinking, chew 7 more apples (this is 1 course, drink all the processing).

Pregnant women who lack milk: 250g black sesame, 2-3 pork rolls, just enough seasoning. Pork sausage stew, black sesame after roasting finely, drink with pork leg soup, 15g each time, 3 times a day.

Asthma: 250g black sesame (star), 120g ginger, 100g rock sugar, 100g honey. Squeeze ginger to get water, mix with sesame, then put in a fragrant roasting pan, let cool. Rock sugar and melted honey are mixed with sesame seeds, then stored in a jar. Every morning and afternoon, take 1 tablespoon.

Children with pertussis: 50g black sesame, 30g peanuts, 50ml honey. All put in the pot, add water to cook the soup, eat after it’s cooked, once a day, use it for 3-5 days.

In addition, black sesame is also included in the drug to support memory loss, forgetfulness, insomnia: 250g black sesame, 250g walnut, 0.5kg yellow sugar. Method: Roast sesame and walnuts. Heat the sugar water just enough, cook on low heat when the sugar is sticky, pull it up, turn off the heat, pour in black sesame, walnuts, mix well, after pouring into molds lined with cooking oil, wait to cool. Cut into pieces, use 15g each time, 3 times a day, eat often.

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