The unfinished career of movie icon Kang Soo Yeon

May 7th, Joongang reported that actress Kang Soo Yeon passed away at the age of 56 after 2 days in a coma in the hospital. Before that, she was hospitalized in an emergency and treated in an unconscious state, her heart stopped. Kang Soo Yeon’s management agency said family and friends were shocked and saddened by the actress’s passing.

Kang Soo Yeon is an influential star who has glorified the Korean film industry with her acting that is highly appreciated in the international arena. She is considered the pride of showbiz in the land of kimchi.

The famous photo of Korean showbiz

Kang Soo Yeon was born in 1966. She entered the art industry as an exclusive child actress for TBC since 1969. Since then, Kang Soo Yeon has devoted all her talents, time and energy to the cause. acting career. According to NewsenKang Soo Yeon is one of the most critically acclaimed actors.

At the age of 21, Kang Soo Yeon made a big splash when she became the first Korean actress to win the Best Actress award at the Venice International Film Festival in 1987, for her role as a mountain girl surrogacy, by accident. caught up in the war for money in the movie The Surrogate Womb. Sheet Joongang said the big award helped Kang Soo Yeon get rid of the child star label and become a new star in the Korean film industry.

In 1989, she again made her mark when she won the award for Best Actress at the Moscow International Film Festival for the film Come, Come, Come Upward.

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Kang Soo Yeon is Korea’s leading star in the field of television and film. Photo: Insight.

Talking about being honored twice at the prestigious film festival, Kang Soo Yeon humbly shared: “ISoo Yeon is Korea’s leading star in the field of television and film. (Image: Insight) did not attend the Venice International Film Festival because he thought he had no chance of winning. When I entered the nomination for Post-Moscow Photo, I was still undecided whether to participate or not. In the end, I chose to go there and was honored to bring home the gold cup. After going to Europe, I opened my eyes and set a goal to help Korean cinema be known to the whole world.”

The 1980s and 1990s were the golden age of Kang Soo Yeon’s career. She has more than 5 works screened each year, and is the muse of top directors like Park Kwang Su, Jang Sun Woo or Lee Hyeon Seung.

According to NateKang Soo Yeon appeared in many high-grossing movie works in Korea, and is considered the top star of Korean cinema in the 90s.

In addition to acting in thorny social dramas, Kang Soo Yeon is also not afraid to switch to emotional – romantic, comedy genres. Her impressive works can be mentioned Berlin Report, The Road to Racetrack, Their Last Love Affair, The Blue in You, Girls’ Night Out.

In 2000, Kang Soo Yeon was loved throughout Asia with a historical drama Ladies of the Palace. The role of Jeong Nan Jeong helped her receive the SBS Drama Awards. After that, the actress continued to appear in projects on the small screen such as Korean Peninsula, Hanji.

In addition to acting as an actor, Kang Soo Yeon also participates in the behind-the-scenes work of the film festival. She served as co-executive director of the Busan International Film Festival from 2015 to 2017.

Recently, after a 9-year hiatus from the big screen, Kang Soo Yeon is expected to return with a sci-fi drama Jung_E Directed by Yeon Sang Ho. However, the female artist’s comeback was not as expected and complete.

Health events come suddenly

According to Newsen, Kang Soo Yeon was found unconscious, losing consciousness and cardiac arrest at his home at about 5 pm (film time) in Gangnam District, South Korea. She was given CPR on the spot, but her pulse was weak and was quickly taken to the emergency room. Before losing consciousness, Kang Soo Yeon complained of a headache to her loved ones on the morning of the same day.

After more than 18 hours of treatment in the intensive care room, Kang Soo Yeon was still in a coma, her health condition showed no signs of improvement, and had to be on a ventilator to maintain her life.

Talking over the phone with the newspaper HaniKim Dong Ho, former director of the Busan International Film Festival, said the actress’s family, born in 1966, decided not to have surgery. The doctor predicted that Kang Soo Yeon’s condition was very bad, even if she had undergone major surgery, she would not be sure of her survival.

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The actor’s death left the audience and colleagues shocked and mourned. (Photo: Nate)

Before his death, Kim Dong Ho said Kang Soo Yeon had some physical and psychological problems, but not serious. The last time he saw her in April, the female artist was still healthy and preparing to go to the US to film a movie Jung_E.

Yeon Sang Ho – film director Jung_E – also confirmed that Kang Soo Yeon did not have any ominous health problems during the filming of the new project. She is radiant and full of enthusiasm throughout the process.

Above Joongang, Lee Hae Ryong, President of the Korean Film Association, shared that he had a conversation with Kang Soo Yeon 10 days ago. At that time, the female artist was still normal and happy. She also expressed regret that she could not attend the movie event in her hometown because of the filming schedule abroad. “Kang Soo Yeon is a star passionate about Korean cinema. She left with many unfinished projects”Lee Hae Ryong expressed regret.

According to Newsen, the police report stated that no criminal charges were found at the scene where Kang Soo Yeon was unconscious. Her death was temporarily determined as sudden death from a severe brain hemorrhage. Because the actress is unmarried and has children, her sister and manager are now standing to receive the body and take care of the afterlife for Kang Soo Yeon.

According to Ten Asia, the film industry decided to establish a Funeral Committee chaired by Kim Dong Ho – former President of the Busan International Film Festival. The actress’s funeral took place on the second floor of the Samsung Seoul Hospital funeral home.

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