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Thuy Chi covered the hit Phuong Thanh but was criticized for being inappropriate

Recently, Thuy Chi shared on her TikTok the clip performing the song I Have No One Left, a famous composition of NS Duc Tri. Amidst the mountain scenery of Da Lat, Thuy Chi had a cozy night at a very famous performance venue in “the land of fog”.

Thuy Chi performed the song “Ta No One” by NS Duc Tri

I Have No One Left is a composition by Duc Tri that has been performed by many famous artists: Uyen Linh, Hoa Minzy, Minh Tuyet, Dong Hung,… However, the version that is considered the most successful and carries the full “pain” in the song must mention Phuong Thanh. The version of “Sister Chanh” was famous and quickly became one of the songs that established Phuong Thanh’s name during the Green Wave period.

It is not difficult to see in the comments section below, many opinions say that Thuy Chi did not fully perform the song, although it is undeniable that her voice is still very good. Many viewers appreciate the clear, gentle voice of Thuy Chi singing I Have No One Left inappropriate, even that: “If you listen to it, you know that you haven’t fallen in love, so you can’t sing”…

Thuy Chi covers the hit Phuong Thanh, it's still bittersweet but it's criticized as inappropriate, netizens always say: I know I've never been disappointed - Photo 3.

Most of the comments said that although Thuy Chi sings well, it can’t be equal to Phuong Thanh.

– Good singing is good, but it’s true that the soul can’t come out like Phuong Thanh, sorry!

– It’s the first time I’ve seen Thuy Chi receive so many criticisms.

– Good singing, but Phuong Thanh’s version is always top!

– It sounds so gentle, there’s no tension like the spirit of the song.

Clip: TikTok – Gif: screen cut bi-that-chn-20220507154051791.chn bi-that-chn-20220507154051791.chn

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