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“UFC Queen” reveals the secret to success, maximum “sex” before the match

(Sports news, martial arts news) Many people have to avoid “sex” when competing in sports, but the former “UFC Queen” does the opposite.

Ronda Rousey, a once-popular female fighter in the MMA mixed martial arts arena, used to be an unrivalled woman in the UFC, but her name was forgotten after a few defeats.

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Rousey is not afraid to do private things before each of her matches

Rousey, 35 years old, 1m68 tall, won the UFC championship in the first time she came to this arena on February 23, 2013, after that she also had 5 more successful title defenses.

According to Rousey’s latest share, part of her success is due to “sex”. Most athletes abstain from having sex before competing, but the UFC “Queen” does this at full capacity.

“The more the better. I mean, for girls, it increases testosterone, so I try to have as much sex as I can before fighting. I find this amazing,” Rousey said. told Dailystars.

Rousey’s form gradually declined, she lost her first fight in MMA, lost the UFC chicken belt after losing to Holly Holm (November 15, 2015). 1 year after the American “Queen”‘s ambition to reclaim the chicken belt was received by Amanda Nunes’ “slap”, this woman unleashed a powerful punch to beat Rousey in 48 seconds of the first round.

No longer the number 1 star of the UFC event, the 35-year-old “Queen” temporarily retired to switch to American wrestling (WWE). But Rousey’s career since moving to WWE has not been very positive, she did not play really well because of her lack of wrestling skills.

Although she broke up with MMA, the 35-year-old woman admitted that she could return to mixed martial arts at the most appropriate time. She currently has a contract with WWE, so she cannot stand on the “octagonal cage” of martial arts.

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