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Unbelievably quick and easy ways to defrost meat

Freezing meat is a popular way of preserving this ingredient. Meat can be kept for several weeks if stored properly in the freezer. However, the defrosting stage also needs to be taken care of, to avoid spoilage, bacteria invasion or poor quality in this process.

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Quick tips for defrosting meat. Video: Tiktok serena_sgsk

Good tip helped defrost the Tiktok account named Serena_sgsk shared, many people applied and succeeded. The account owner said she also learned this trick on social media and experimented with meat that has been in the refrigerator for more than a week.

First, she took a liter of water, mixed it with the juice of a lemon, added two tablespoons of granulated sugar, dissolved the mixture, and then put the frozen meat in it. After 10 minutes, the meat is tender and delicious, can be used for processing as usual. In fact, this is an experience that combines two fairly common tips: use sugar and use lemon (or vinegar).

Korean housewives often use sugar to defrost meat. They mix cold water with boiling water in a ratio of 5:1 or prepare warm water about 40 degrees Celsius. Using ordinary tap water is fine, but the effect is not high. Then, they mix two tablespoons of sugar into the water, stir well, and then put the meat in for about 7-10 minutes to soften. This way, the meat is not only tender, but also retains its delicious taste when cooked.

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There are many ways to defrost meat, but it should not be left at room temperature for more than 2 hours.

With the use of lemon, people also use warm water about 40 degrees Celsius, squeeze a lemon or replace it with a spoon of vinegar and stir well, soak the meat for about 30 minutes to achieve a soft effect. The combination of the two methods increases the defrosting efficiency and preserves the flavor of the meat.

In addition to these two ways, you can also apply some other simpler ways such as using the defrost mode of the microwave if you need to cook immediately or defrosting slowly by putting it in the refrigerator or cold water. Besides, the way to use ginger is also tested by some people. You should not defrost with hot oil or put in the oven. Leaving meat at room temperature for more than two hours also causes bacteria to enter the meat.

In addition, you can refer to other ways to defrost frozen meat:

Defrost from fridge freezer

When the meat is removed from the freezer, you put it in a plate or bowl so that when defrosting in the refrigerator, the meat does not melt. You put the meat in the refrigerator to cool slowly for 24 hours.

After the meat is completely defrosted, you can leave it for 1-2 days or put it back in the freezer without fear of spoiling or unsanitary meat.

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Defrosting with cold water

Many people still choose to defrost meat with hot water to save time, but hot water will cause meat to lose its protein and flavor, and also make meat more susceptible to rot and bacteria to penetrate into the meat.

Therefore, to replace hot water, you can defrost meat with cold water to ensure that the meat retains its nutrients. You pack the meat carefully and then put it in cold water, soak the meat for 30 minutes, then change the water once to make the defrosting process faster.

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Besides, you can try defrosting meat with 2 aluminum or stainless steel pots with cold water thanks to the heat conduction of the metal.

You turn 1 pot side down and put the wrapped meat on the bottom of the pot. Next, you put cold water in the other pot and put it on the meat for 3-7 minutes, the meat has been defrosted.

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Defrosting with ginger

You need to prepare a bowl of 40 degrees Celsius warm water, then add a few thin slices of ginger and stir well. Finally, put in the meat that needs to be defrosted.

Ginger has a warming effect, so it will help defrost meat quickly. At the same time, the meat also retains its natural red color, flavor and nutrients after defrosting.

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Mistakes to avoid when defrosting food

Do not defrost with hot oil

Some people think that hot oil will defrost food faster, or maybe you accidentally defrost this way, think again because boiling water and oil when combined will create an oil reaction. splashing and very dangerous.

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Do not defrost fish that is too soft

The fish will taste bland and lose nutrients if thawed for too long. Therefore, you should only defrost moderately, when the fish is soft, it will be fine

Unbelievably fast and easy ways to defrost meat - 9

Do not defrost in the oven

Food after defrosting in the oven will be quite sensitive to bacteria and should be used or processed immediately after defrosting. So you should also limit defrosting food in this way.

Do not defrost by heating food

You are afraid to defrost food will take time, so put it in the pot and cook it. This not only makes the cooking time longer, but also makes the nutrients decompose.

So, even if it takes a bit of time, you should defrost the food first and then prepare it.

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