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Will Smith’s $40 million film project delays release date

According to Independentmovie Emancipation was scheduled to be released in the 2022 festival season but has been pushed to 2023. The work is directed by Antoine Fuqua. If released as scheduled, it would be Will Smith’s first film to come out after his attack on comedian Chris Rock at the 94th Academy Awards. As a result, the actor was banned. banned from attending the Oscars and other Academy-related events for 10 years.

“The film will not be introduced this year. However, internal discussions are ongoing between Apple and executives and filmmakers about possibly showing a release in the fall, but this is difficult to do. happen”, according to Independent.

Will Smith's $ 40 million film project delayed the release date - Photo 1.

The film project starring Will Smith continues to be delayed. (Photo: Independent).

Although the film has not been released yet, it has been highly appreciated by experts and can compete for prestigious film awards such as Oscar. The work is produced by Westbrook Studios, which has succeeded with the film about the deaf CUDA in the last year.

Earlier, an anonymous source shared with Variety, claims to have seen the first scenes of the film and that Will Smith’s performance could help him win an Oscar again. Will Smith’s slap on Chris Rock will be a promotional element for the film, whether Smith is involved or not. Many sources share that director Antoine Fuqua is still in post-production and may not be ready to release the film in 2022. The film has been delayed several times due to moving production from Georgia to Louisiana to opposition to the state’s voting restriction law, Hurricane Ida and the Covid-19 epidemic also caused the film’s progress to be slower than expected.

Prior to Emancipationfilm project Bad Boys 4, the series that is very popular with the audience of Will Smith invested by Sony also fell into a state of “hibernation”. Before the Oscars 2022 took place, Will Smith received 40 pages of script for this film. However, it is currently unknown when the new project will continue to be “green lighted” by Sony.

What about movies? Fast and Loose, director David Leitch stepped down as director in mid-March. The Netflix producer was urgently looking for a replacement. But after the incident of the male lead Will Smith, the studio quietly delayed the project’s schedule. According to the script, Will Smith plays a boss who loses his memory after the attack. Through the investigation process, he discovered he had two identities – gangster and CIA agent went bankrupt.

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