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Women who understand these 3 expensive philosophies will always be strong

Meet a man Being kind, marrying them does not necessarily help us to be able to rest assured and breathe a sigh of relief for the rest of our lives. Remember that life will have many turns, events, sometimes pushing us into difficult situations. It is important to always be firm and calm in the face of storms. No matter what you encounter, always find a way to get out, to start over, to look to the future. To do that, keep in mind the following 3 lessons.

Before hoping to fall in love, make yourself happy when you are alone

Even if you have set up family you should still learn how to be happy alone – in other words, make yourself comfortable with your own space. This comfort does not come from other people, but from yourself, from daily activities and energy. For example, you feel happy when you go shopping alone, or do yoga by yourself, or go to cafes by yourself to sit quietly and read a book. Even if you have no one by your side, you still have to be independent to rejoice and be happy.

Women who understand these 3 valuable philosophies, no matter how old they are, or face any obstacles, their marriage will always be firm and proud - Photo 1.


If you know how to make yourself comfortable when alone, then you are ready to step into the relationship with the most positive, abundant spirit. At that time, you will no longer worry too much about what will happen to you if one day that man changes his mind. Because in the face of loneliness, you are still firm and very strong. We still give, still love, just leave ourselves a way back, so that when it is most difficult, we can still find the way. That is the model of a wise and resilient woman in the face of events.

Life is limited, no one dares to make it difficult for you

There are some women who never set limits for themselves. For love, they accept to suffer a little to make the other person happier and more comfortable. They even think that what they do is sacrifice for the other person, which is not a bad thing. However, if you keep living without setting your own boundaries, you won’t be able to stand it for a long time. In particular, when the other person sees that you are still normal, he will think you are fine, and continue to ask for more. How many people have had to be bitter because of the “overflowing tear” scene.

When you set limits, you will find yourself much more free and happier. For example, the limit of never arguing until the next day, will help you and him resolve conflicts during the day. Or if you set a limit that you will never accept the fact that your husband goes out to drink with friends after 11 o’clock at night, if he does, he will go to his grandmother’s house, then the man is also somewhat afraid. He is also easy to correct himself. On the contrary, if you just pretend to be the wife who is always busy, uncomfortable and dare not speak… then the frustration and sadness will not be able to be relieved. Life must know how to set certain boundaries, for sure

Suffering has only temporary meaning

Just keep in mind that: There will come a day when you will not be able to remember the pain that you thought it would last a lifetime. The we of yesterday and the us of today are not the same, just the change may not be so obvious that you don’t see it. But gradually 1 year, 2 years, 5 years… or even 10 years, you will look back and find yourself changed a lot.

Women who understand these 3 expensive philosophies, no matter how old they are, or whatever obstacles they face, their marriage is always firm and proud - Photo 2.


When you think that suffering is only temporary, you will have more motivation to persevere through difficulties. There are women who fall into despair, because they are obsessed with the thought “If it weren’t for him, there would be no one else in this world to make me happy”. That is very wrong thinking. The world out there is vast, wide, happy with all kinds of things still waiting for you, it’s just that you are not ready to open up to it. When considering difficulties and despair as a temporary thing, surely women will learn to love themselves, to look for potential opportunities in the future. natural

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