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20 facts about babies that not all parents know

Many mothers confided that they thought that having a child already means they have all the knowledge and experience in their hands, until the second baby is born, everything is completely different. Born to the same parents, the two children have completely different personalities. Each child is different, so it is not possible to apply a specific method to them, parents are forced to find out, take care of and draw conclusions about which type their child is suitable for.

Here are 20 facts about babies that not all parents know. Parents with young children, please consult for yourself.

1. Newborn is a blank sheet of paper, only needs to eat, suck, sleep, … no need to shake, sing a lullaby or carry around. All are self-interpreted by adults and made into habits for children.

2. Newborn babies will have a honeymoon (2-4 weeks first). True to the name of the honeymoon, during this time, the baby only eats and sleeps, there is almost no time to wake up, my mother thinks I am very good until the honeymoon is over. Many babies will end their honeymoon in the 3rd or 4th week, get confused day and night (sleeping in the day, sleep every 15-20 minutes, wake up once every night), and then have a wonder week (week of crisis, development and growth). perfecting skills) at the 5th week that the ladies often say that it’s bad in the next month.

3. Newborns are completely capable of sleeping on their own without being carried around for hours. Just need to know how to choose the right method for the baby.

4. Children over 6kg can accumulate energy to sleep through the night without eating. A long night’s sleep is very important for the brain development and height of children, just eating is not enough. Newborn babies need 11-12 hours of sleep at night.

5. Newborn babies cry a lot: crying hungry, crying in need of mother’s comforting, hot/cold crying, sleepy crying, crying dirty diapers,… each cry has a different tone and intensity, so it’s not necessary. If you cry, you will automatically suck, like the legend of the grandmother, just calm down or give your child a fixed schedule to distinguish it very easily.

20 facts about babies that not all parents know: Children can sleep on their own without seaweed, children over 6kg need to sleep through the night for brain development - Photo 1.

Always listen to your body. Photo: Internet

6. When the baby needs to be comforted and reassured, just suck it cool, no need to suckle. That’s why pacifiers were created. There is also another pacifier that is always on the baby’s body, which is the finger. Therefore, never stop your baby from sucking, but clean your baby’s fingers regularly.

7. Grandparents don’t let them stand up, afraid of affecting the child’s back, but always default to the child lying in a hammock – which has a great influence on the baby’s spine later on, even if there is a bamboo cradle or a towel lining. harmful.

8. Children under 4 months only need breast milk/formula milk.

9. Babies are born with moro reflex and have not yet mastered their own limbs, so they are often startled and slap their hands in the face, then cry. The blocking pillow makes the baby feel hugged and close to the mother, the baby will limit the startling banging of the hand in the face while sleeping, so the baby sleeps deeply and better. The moro reflex will gradually disappear as the baby gets older, usually from 3-4 months old, so 4 months is the right time to wean off aids such as swaddling, pacifier, white noise. Some babies will wean earlier and some babies will need to wean later.

10. Infants’ sleep cycles are shorter than those of adults, and babies sleep a lot in rapid eye movement (REM) – essential for the special development of their brains.

11. An infant’s sleep lasts about 50 minutes. A long sleep consists of many short cycles, each of which begins with light sleep (sleeping and dreaming at the same time) and continues into deep sleep. Therefore, children usually wake up after 45-50 minutes of going to bed. If there is no adult intervention (taken out of the sleeping environment because they think the child is awake), the baby will go back to sleep on his own, some babies have to cry to calm themselves down. just get back to sleep. This is the cause of the wait button.

12. Light sleep often looks like a baby is awake: babies have facial and body movements. It is a sign that the child’s brain is active, the nervous system is connecting, and the child is learning how to express and communicate emotions. We may mistakenly think that babies are awake, but absolutely not, this sleep should be absolutely respected.

13. Children will go through periods of crisis, developing and perfecting skills, called wonder week. With each passing wonder week, children will learn more new things, but before that is a period of laziness. physiological eating, irritability, trouble sleeping, clinging, nagging. The bigger the wonder week storm, the more intense it will be. What a mother needs to do during this time is to respect her baby, not force her to feed/eat, and be patient with her child.

20 facts about babies that not all parents know: Children can sleep on their own without seaweed, children over 6kg need to sleep through the night for brain development - Photo 2.

Each child has a different personality, requiring parents to learn and observe to find the best method for their child. Photo: Internet

14. Children are born with a default hair gene, so it is not necessary to cut blood hair, the next hair will be better. The better thing that adults think here is the uniformity of hair regrowth so adults think after cutting the hair looks darker and thicker.

15. Newborn’s body temperature always fluctuates 36-37 degrees Celsius. Mothers always prepare 2 thermometers to measure the baby’s degrees. 37.5 degrees Celsius is a mild fever. If it reaches 38 degrees Celsius, it is necessary to intervene to reduce fever immediately according to the previous instructions of the doctor.

The ideal air-conditioned room temperature for children to sleep well is 24-25 degrees. Note that the room temperature is not the one shown on the air conditioner remote control.

16. Sick children are caused by viruses, bacteria, the air conditioner is not guilty, so don’t blame the air conditioner. If the fault is caused by the air conditioner, it is the adults who refuse to clean the air conditioner.

17. Babies and even adults will fall asleep very quickly or calmly if there is white noise. Depending on the preferences of each child, some children like the sound of rain, some children like the noise of the television, some children like the sound of the sea or the sound of running water, the sound of the dryer, the sound of the heart beating. If you are in a fan room, your baby’s bedroom should also be airy, clean and quiet.

18. Babies need to be burped thoroughly after feeding. Steam is the main reason why babies cry while nursing. Some babies need to be burped in the middle of a meal, not just after the meal is over. Give the baby’s nipples to still suck, but after a few clicks, they stretch their legs and cry. What the mother needs to do is stop breastfeeding and burp the baby, then continue the meal (because milk is the food of babies, so it can be called suck = eat).

19. Not every child goes to bed late, the child won’t wake up at night. If the baby goes to bed too late compared to the baby’s needs (for example, at 19 pm, the child needs to go to bed, but the adults think that sleeping at this time will disturb the night, so make the child stay up until 9-10 pm to go to bed) will do I’m too tired, I’m sleepy, and it’s harder to fall asleep.

20. The head is the heat outlet of the child, so the child does not need to wear a hat when the temperature is > 20 degrees, nor does it need to be covered because it only makes the child sweat more, especially in hot weather.

Source: Ho Chi Minh City Children’s Hospital, compiled. can-be-rong-tre-tren-6kg-can-ngu-xuyen-dem-de-phat-trien-tri-nao-20220506145440785.chn

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