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An untold touching story on Mother’s Day behind the floating appearance of Vbiz’s pink balls when on the air

Referring to Luong Thuy Linh, many people immediately think of a smart post-war girl with a huge amount of knowledge and extremely personal aesthetic gout. Crowned Miss World Vietnam 2019 when she was just a student at Foreign Trade University, her feet were wet and her feet were dry, she went to the big city, long legs of Cao Bang origin immediately went to represent Vietnam to fight in the world beauty arena. and make the homeland proud for its remarkable achievements.

The achievements that the Gen Z beauty has achieved is something that everyone nods to recognize, however, more interesting are the stories surrounding her powerful mother-in-law. Those are the times when she apologized to her mother many times when she appeared in a swimsuit on social networks or her profound advice to her famous daughter: “Don’t let them say Miss is ignorant” and many other interesting stories. taste but no less emotional.

An untold touching story on Mother's Day behind the floating appearance of Vbiz's pink balls when on the air - 5 An untold touching story on Mother's Day behind the floating appearance of Vbiz's pink balls when on the air - 6

The top 12 Miss World 2019 also shared that she was the one to encourage her to be less self-conscious about her great height, but she didn’t want her daughter to become a beauty queen because she loved her child. However, when crowned, many important moments of the long-legged student who studied well were accompanied by the mother’s companion. Luong Thuy Linh shines with her record long legs of 1m22 with a floating appearance with the standard Beauty Queen hair today, must have had the love and protection of motherhood.

On the occasion of Mother’s Day, can Luong Thuy Linh share with readers more about an impressive memory of her mother’s first lesson in beauty care, especially hair?

In the past, being carefree and ignorant, Linh once cut her own hair and was scolded by her mother a lot. Linh still remembers clearly at that time when her mother told her not to hurt her hair, it would hurt and it would not grow back. Although it was just a childish threat, it was from that moment that Linh began to change her mind and take care of her hair more. Later, when Linh started working in showbiz, because of the specifics of her work, every day, Linh’s hair had to be exposed to a lot of chemicals such as heat styling machines, sprays, and pins a lot.

In addition to the dense work schedule, Linh sometimes does not have too much time to go to the store to take care of or restore her hair. It is at times like these that I consider myself lucky to have a mother.

Mom said that grapefruit oil will help the hair roots become stronger, regenerate faster, the scalp will also be cleaner, so the hair will also grow better. As for Linh personally, because she doesn’t have much time, Linh will have “technologies” to help prevent her hair from getting worse. But first, Linh is always sure that she will use conditioner after washing. While rinsing her hair, Linh will gently massage her head. After all the stitches are done, it will be a drying step and drying the hair vertically to avoid tangling the hair. In addition, the drying method is just enough to dry the top part of the hair, the rest Linh chooses to let the hair dry naturally, the hairline will not be too dry, easy to cause split ends.

How important is hair to you? What role does it play in shaping the image of a woman and especially Asian women?

According to Trang, hair is one of the images that shape the beauty of women in general. People still say that the tooth and the hair are the human angle. So from a young age, Trang was aware of that and valued her hair as the noble beauty of Vietnamese women.

Growing up, I got married with a Swedish husband. Mr. Johan loves Asian culture and especially Vietnamese women’s hair. Fortunately, Trang owns long hair. In the past, Trang has also changed her hair length many times, but in the end, her husband still loves her with longer hair. In addition, Trang also wants to keep her classic look, so she has remained loyal to that long hair for many years.

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Following her pictures, besides her healthy brown skin and toned body, her hair is also a great feature that the sisters love. During many years of operation, she rarely cut her hair short. Can you share more about the choice of loyalty with long hair?

Each person chooses a different image, some with short hair and attractive curly hair. Trang always clearly defines its own advantages and disadvantages to get advantages and disadvantages.

Art activities help me experience many shooting concepts with different hairstyles. From that, I realized that Trang herself is only suitable for straight hair or a low ponytail, neatly tucked back. Only in this way can we create overall harmony and enhance our own facial expressions and hair without being swept up in trends, turning ourselves into someone else.

Is it because her mother is a person who loves hair so baby Sol is also influenced by her mother? Has Sol ever shared with you his preference for long or short hair? Do you ever plan to change your child’s image with short hair?

It is also true that because my husband and I love long hair, baby Sol has long hair like everyone sees now. There is also the luck that since childhood, Sol’s hair has grown quite well and beautifully. Without proper nutrition and hair care, it will be easy to tangle and make your child uncomfortable but can’t keep it long. Trang is happy that Sol seems to partly feel the beauty of her hair.

Sometimes when going to school in the hot sun, Trang also suggested that she cut her hair short, but Sol dismissed the suggestion like this: “Mom! My teachers and friends told me that I have a special thing that is long hair, so I want to keep my hair long forever.” At this time, Trang was a little startled that even though she was young, she wanted to create her own identity compared to her peers. I also respect and accompany my child’s wish. However, in the future, Trang also plans to make some changes to Sol, such as cutting it shorter so that she can experience more emotions and interesting colors of life.

Finally, the secret to owning a silky smooth hair stream of Ms. Trang and baby Sol. What are the necessary hair care steps of mother and daughter?

As for the hair itself, I prefer a “rough” lifestyle. Trang lives quite simply, does not use too many chemicals on her hair, and is less dependent on salon care with this or that product. In particular, Trang firmly said no to chemicals, should not listen to recommendations and advice, but put unknown things on her hair. I focus on keeping my hair clean, don’t brush too hard, know when to let go or tie and only use reputable hair care products.

In Vietnamese showbiz, there are many beauties who used to be associated with short hair, however, the person who left the deepest impression in the public’s heart is probably H’Hen Niê. The E-De girl with glossy brown skin and tomboyish hair on the day she was crowned also received mixed opinions. However, it is the same brand short hair that she has conquered a team of difficult judges and chanted Vietnamese two-language honors to the Top 5 Miss Universe 2018.

Although she only owns a few inches of long hair, H’Hen Niê still transforms incalculably, creating a sharp style that gives people the freshest perspectives on herself. The title of “chameleon” is so that the beauty born in 1992 was favorably awarded by the village fan community.

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H’Hen Niê mentioned her mother many times in social media posts. To be able to shine in every frame like today, perhaps more or less mothers have been the ones who diligently took care of her hair from childhood to adulthood? Can you share with readers about that most memorable memory?

In fact, when he was a child, Hen’s family also had a lot of brothers and sisters, his father or mother often had to work in the fields, so the person that Hen was most attached to was Hen’s grandmother. She often told stories of other women, why one woman has beautiful hair and the other is so strong and smooth. From there, she gave Hen the methods to beautify her hair from her childhood days. Therefore, Hen remembers a lot of memories of her grandmother as well as always follows the simple but effective beauty tips from her grandmother.

She often cooks locusts for Hen to wash her hair every day to make her black hair shiny, or sometimes she even brews her hair with rice water to cook for a day or two to make her hair stronger, soft and not dry. Those are the methods that she has taught Hen since childhood until now, Hen still follows. Currently, Hen is also incubating her hair here because the last time she had a dense filming schedule, her hair fell out and was weak due to a lot of hairdressing and styling. Hen is taking advantage of the rest days at home to take care of and condition her hair before returning to the spin.

There is another method that Grandma Hen and the elders in the village often use to bathe and wash with water made from tree bark. This type of water has a very pleasant and relaxing aroma that helps keep hair and skin shiny and healthy even though women often have to work in the fields, fields, and are exposed to direct sunlight. However, this kind of water Hen doesn’t know how to make, it’s not clear what kind of bark there are because when he was a child, his grandmother often loved to cook for him (laughs).

Hopefully these shares of Hen contribute to helping’s sisters return to their childhood, find their family’s heirloom beauty recipes or methods and apply them.

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