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Apple’s first computer was auctioned for nearly 6 billion VND

Apple-1 is the first PC model created by Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak and is being auctioned at 250,000 USD (nearly 6 billion VND).

Apple-1 - Apple's first computer.  Photo: Apple

Apple-1 – Apple’s first computer. Image: Apple

There are very few Apple-1 computers on the market and are often auctioned at very high prices because of its rarity. This Apple-1 model sold by Goldin Auctions is the seventh product to be produced with a handwritten serial number by Steve Jobs.

Daniel Kottke, one of the first employees to work at Apple, confirmed this Apple-1 model still works well. The product will come with period-appropriate accessories such as the Sanyo VM-4509 monitor and Datanetics keyboard. In particular, the operating manual is signed by Steve Wozniak and Ronald Wayne.

The Apple-1 auction will end on May 21, so the final price of the product may be higher than the $250,000 figure. Currently, there are very few Apple-1s in existence, each of which can sell for between $400,000 and $600,000. In November 2014, the Henry Ford museum bought an Apple-1 for $905,000 (nearly 21 billion).

The Apple-1 has a high historical value as it was created by the two Apple co-founders and paved the way for the personal computer era. The machine was sold in July 1976 for 666 USD and only about 200 machines were produced. The difference from the PCs of that period was that the Apple-1 had only one circuit board with about 60 processing chips. Users must purchase additional cases, screens, transformers, power cords and keyboards to use.

Huy Duc (according to Macrumors)

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