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Children with tonsillitis should be treated like?

What causes tonsillitis in children?

The most common cause of tonsillitis in children is a virus or weather. However, some children may also develop tonsillitis due to sensitivity to cold foods. In which, about 80% of tonsillitis in children is caused by this cause and the remaining 20% ​​of tonsillitis is caused by bacteria, the most common group of bacteria is streptococcus, pneumococcus…

Children with tonsillitis should be treated like?  - first

Children with tonsillitis need to be treated like? (Illustration)

Signs of a child with tonsillitis

Depending on the cause, the symptoms of tonsillitis also have different symptoms:

– Viral causes can only cause the tonsils to be red and without pus, without much pain.

– Bacterial causes may be swollen, red due to bleeding or congestion. The most common cases are white pus on the surface of the tonsils or tonsil pseudomembranous (white pus covering the entire tonsil area). In these cases, it can be common in leukocytosis tonsillitis but only a few.

– The cause of acute tonsillitis is often accompanied by sore throat, moderate high fever in viral inflammation and pain when inflammation is caused by heat and bacteria. The most specific acute symptoms are fever, difficulty speaking, difficulty drinking and bad breath.

How many days does the child have a fever with tonsillitis?

Depending on the cause of the disease as well as the type of tonsillitis and the advanced stage of the disease, tonsillitis will have different symptoms. Children may have a mild fever, but they may also have a high fever, even some children do not have a fever.

To be able to confirm exactly how many days febrile tonsillitis is often difficult. According to estimated statistics from doctors, on average, children with tonsillitis may have a fever for 1-4 days, about 70% of patients can have a fever in about 3-4 days if treated correctly and promptly. time.

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Children with tonsillitis can cause a fever. (Illustration)

On the contrary, if treatment is not detected or treated in the wrong way, the disease will often recur, the fever will last for a long time, the fever will go away but the fever will return… gradually leading to chronic tonsillitis. . The duration of the illness can last up to 7-10 days.

Does a child with tonsillitis cough?

Tonsillitis is often associated with common Ear-Nose-Throat disease. In addition to symptoms such as difficulty swallowing, bad breath, swollen tonsils, etc., the child may also have a cough. The reason that tonsillitis causes cough is because when infected, the throat area always feels entangled and uncomfortable.

The discharge, mucous membranes, and pseudomembranous peeling make the child feel very uncomfortable. Not only that, when the tonsils are inflamed, they also create a feeling of dryness in the throat, burning, especially in the position on both sides of the tonsil block. This causes children to try to cough to reduce discomfort and get them out.

This symptom is common in children with chronic tonsillitis, if left untreated or repeated many times, it can turn into overblown tonsils, leading to increasing complications. In case of persistent cough, coughing a lot also adversely affects the respiratory system, even causing lung failure.

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A baby with tonsillitis may be accompanied by a cough. (Illustration)

Children with tonsillitis take what medicine?

Children with viral tonsillitis usually do not use antibiotics for treatment, but need to take care of their eating and drinking habits to improve their health, maintain hygiene and eat. In addition, antipyretic and pain relievers can be used if the fever is high and the pain is severe (use the drug when prescribed by the doctor). Next, use a mouthwash to avoid bacterial superinfection due to tonsils after having a viral fever.

– For children with bacterial tonsillitis, it is necessary to use anti-inflammatory drugs, antibiotics, along with gargling or use antipyretic and pain relievers for a few days. Usually, if the child is given the right medicine, it will take about 5-7 days for the tonsil problems to go away. Note, use the drug only when prescribed by the doctor.

– For children with tonsillitis, but treatment is not good or undetected, leading to tonsillitis, surrounding abscesses and inflammation around the tonsils. These cases need to be treated with an intravenous route.

Children with tonsillitis should be treated like?  - 5

Children with tonsillitis should take what medicine? (Illustration)

About 80% of diseases are caused by viruses, so antibiotics are often not used to treat. When treating an illness caused by an environmental cause, the virus will make the child resistant to antibiotics and may increase the risk of infecting others in the future.

When should tonsils be removed for children?

Some parents often think that if the child is too young, the tonsils cannot be removed, but need to wait until after the age of 15. However, this is not accurate, because if necessary, the tonsils can be removed at any age. With the following cases, it is necessary to consider the problem of tonsillectomy for children:

– When the tonsils are enlarged and obstruct the airway in children.

– When sleeping, the child has pauses in breathing, sleep disturbances.

– Occurrence of complications on heart organs, joints, kidneys, lungs in children.

Children find it difficult to eat or swallow.

– Children with abnormal growth in the craniofacial region, recurrent tonsillitis more than 3 times/year.

– The child’s breath has a persistent bad smell despite being treated, the child has an abscess around the tonsils.

– Children with tonsillitis that lasts many times, has slow or no weight gain, or is suspected of having cancer due to enlarged tonsils on one side.

With cases of viral fever from 3-5 days and tending to increase, parents should take the child to the doctor because the child may have a bacterial superinfection, it is necessary to have a doctor’s assessment to see if antibiotics should be used. born or not.

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