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Dat Villa “follows” Khoa Pug to do one thing, is social media too harsh?

Chief YouTuber Khoa Pug and hot TikToker Dat Villa are both content creators on social networking platforms and have large fan bases. While Faculty of Pug Known for his “luxury” review videos, Dat Villa is attractive with simple clips but always full of cheerful energy. streamer Foreigners make the guy’s name even higher.

But in a short time, both of these names decided to stop working, Khoa Pug even announced his retirement, always making fans regret. Accordingly, in a posted video, this male YouTuber said:

“I’ve had long tail hair for almost 2 years, I promise myself that when I cut it, it’s time to say goodbye to you guys! Thank you for your support and interest in following me during the past 5 years. Hello and goodbye!”.

Dat Villa

Not long after that, it was my turn Dat Villa continues to inform fans that he will be taking a break from TikTok for a while. Specifically, the male TikToker born in 1994 confided on the livestream: “Dat thanks the brothers and sisters, friends of the Villa family for supporting Dat during the past time. Because, Dat has made this decision. Dat has also thought a lot. Dat will pause TikTok for a while. , don’t use TikTok anymore. Dat may still post videos, but Dat won’t livestream.”

Dat Villa

Currently, Dat Villa’s personal TikTok channel has reached 6 million followers, each posted video attracts a certain number of viewers. Therefore, the fact that the male TikToker announced that he was temporarily suspending his activities, not livestreaming, made many people think that Dat Villa is under a lot of pressure from public opinion because his popularity will certainly have noise. Not to mention, in the past time, he has received many mixed opinions when his personal life was noticed.

Dat Villa

However, fans still encourage Khoa Pug and Dat Villa to stay healthy and hope to see the two guys back in action one day.

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