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EU, WTO and many countries are committed to enhancing food security

News Department/Electronic People’s NewspaperSunday, May 8, 2022 07:18 GMT+7

In the statement, the above-mentioned governments and organizations have warned of the “global impacts on Food Security“due to the Russia-Ukraine crisis caused, while stressing “the urgency and importance of keeping trade and predictable agricultural markets open”.

According to the statement, this will help “ensure the continuous flow of food, as well as products, services and inputs essential to the production and supply of agricultural and food products”.

Countries are committed to working together to help ensure that food and nutritional supplements are adequate, safe, affordable and easily accessible at all times.

At the same time, the leaders also pledged not to impose unjustified trade restrictions on agricultural products and food, as such restrictions could increase instability and could lead to a spiraling downward spiral. price increase.

EU, WTO and many countries commit to enhancing food security - Photo 1.

People wait to be distributed food rations at a camp on the outskirts of Maiduguri, northeastern Nigeria. (Photo: Reuters)

The statement said that any measures that countries take to reduce the effects of food security must be “as least disruptive as possible” and must be subject to WTO rules, which ” make markets and food flows as efficient as possible”.

The statement also stressed that export bans or restrictions should not be imposed on food purchased by the United Nations World Food Program for humanitarian purposes.

The United Nations has previously warned that tensions in Ukraine and economic sanctions against Russia could exacerbate the conflict. food security crisis which is already deepening in many countries.

Russia and Ukraine are the world’s top exporters of wheat, corn, rapeseed and sunflower oil. In addition, Russia is the largest supplier of fertilizers and gas in the world.

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