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Ever “faced” the L game, Team Mixi answered why this game lived so long and so crowded, even giving it a new name.

A long time ago, Do Mixi once said the following about the game FF, also known as LC: “I assure you, from now to old age I will *** never play F*** F*** so please don’t spam. It’s a waste of time ***, very frustrating, *** play”. Explaining more, Do Mixi said: “In the past, there were many things on the F*** F*** side. I understand why. In the past, I was also an advertisement for F*** F***. two or three times, I don’t really remember, but I will never close again already. If you remember half a year ago, there was a Refund team from F*** F*** that took both the name and logo of their Refund team. After that, people cursed too much, you posted it and explained that your team formed, came up with it, drew its own logo while carrying your own logo in it… That time I read it * **.


But I also don’t mind, so after a while, I changed the logo, went online to get a skull, put it on Refund Gaming’s skull, below it, the word Refund and still kept our font. That time there was a closed inbox with Garena and I had a team that took both your name and logo, it was so funny ***…

I saw what kind of *** they were doing there, last time there was a rapping clip that also pulled my name in, *** understood why they dragged me in. If you’ve decided to do media, don’t touch each other like that, it’s not reasonable to touch each other like that… But if you put my name in, you should tell me one sentence. In Garena now, I only play with Fifa Online 4 and Lien Quan team.”


But recently, viewers were surprised to see Team Mixi once again talking about this FF game and answering the question of why this game is so crowded. Team Mixi said: “Sit and research why F*** F***, live long into a legend, Fire Temple, why is this game so crowded. The content of these games is so crowded. I discovered that the successful nature of the game is that it requires configuration suitable for low-end devices, so anyone can play it, even a small model can play it “.


In his comment, Do Mixi even called this FF game with a new name, Fire Temple instead of Fire Pagoda like the gaming community still calls. It can be seen that, in terms of popularity, the current L game has been extremely successful, but to once again get the image of Team Mixi to appear in advertising, it must be… difficult. luon-cai-ten-moi-20220507234637497.chn

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