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Full marriage, preparing to return to the screen

Tung Min used to major in Cultural Management at the Military Academy of Arts. He possesses a solid, masculine beauty.

Tung Min was known to the audience when he participated in the TV series “Leap to the news” as Duong, aired in 2009.

Tung Min aged 36: Full marriage, preparing to return to the screen - Photo 1.

Before participating in “The Tiny Leap” as an actor, Tung Min had a strong passion for hip-hop dancing, especially breaking. He used to be a member of the dance group Haley and spent a lot of time practicing. Tung Minh once dreamed of becoming a “breaking-boy” in the Vietnamese dancer village.

“Jump to the news” is the first film Tung Min encroached on the film industry. Before officially starting filming, Tung Min had 8 years of hip-hop dancing experience, however, what worried Tung Min the most was that acting experience seemed to be zero and this made him feel pressured.

Fortunately, Tung Min was guided by director Vu Truong Khoa and artist Hoang Dung to be able to act well in the film. After “The Tiny Leap”, Tung Min signed up to study go to acting school to pursue acting professionally.

Tung Min age 36: Full marriage, ready to return to the screen - Photo 4.

In addition to “Leap of news”, Tung Min also accepted to participate in the movie “Pure dust of the road”. In this work, the actor plays the role of a gentleman, possessing a luxurious life, who defies all means to achieve his goal.

Besides, Tung Min also played the role of a gym teacher in the movie “Vietnam Glee”. Although diligently participating in many other film works, it is undeniably “Leap of gossip” is a big “shadow” that makes Tung Min struggle to find a place in the Vietnamese film industry.

Recently, Tung Min is gradually returning to the small screen through a new movie called “Red Flower Camp” – an adaptation of DiLi’s horror detective novel of the same name.

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The Red Flower Farm is the first feature-length film that brings together the most expensive directing crew of Vietnamese cinema such as director of photography Dominic Pereira – who was dubbed the “image wizard” for the hit Vietnamese series Line. “Hero’s blood”, “Let Mai calculate”, “My wife”, “Invisible evidence”, “Blue eyes”…

Through this film, Tung Min will show his acting ability, strength of appearance as well as his progress in a long period of absence. In particular, the actor will also surprise when participating in the program “Heaven born a couple” will air the first episode on the evening of May 8.

Tung Min age 36: Full marriage, ready to return to the screen - Photo 7.

At the age of 36, Tung Min currently has a happy married life with his wife Pong Chuan. Both of them have two lovely little angels, Me and Nghe. His family also has a YouTube channel specializing in updating daily life images.

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