“God of Wealth” with superior class, the move is to have gold

“Princess Midas” – touch and get gold

In Greek mythology, Midas was the legendary king of the kingdom of Phrygia. He is famous for the anecdote that everything he touches turns to gold. King Midas’ powerful hands are a special weapon that few people have. He received this gift from a god named Dionysus. Later, King Midas regretted his foolish wish and finally had to ask for it to be resolved to return to life as a normal person.

If King Midas touches everywhere, then in the Vietnamese sports village, the name Duong Thuy Vi is also worthy of the simile “Princess Midas”. Miss Wushu always has the grace to open gold medals through many congresses in the region and the whole continent. Even many people favorably call Vi with the nickname “genius of talent” of Vietnamese sports.

The beauty of the Vietnamese martial arts village: The god of talent with superior class, the move is to have gold - Photo 1.

Back in 2013, Duong Thuy Vi was one of the golden hopes of the Vietnamese delegation to attend the 27th SEA Games in Myanmar. Responding to fans’ expectations, Thuy Vi excelled in the content of swordsmanship. In the performance competition, Miss Wushu Vietnam won 9.70 points, just 0.01 points more than the host athlete Myanmar – Sandy Oo (9.69). That close distance was more than enough for Duong Thuy Vi to overtake her opponent and bring home the first gold medal for the Vietnamese sports team.

Entering the 2014 ASIAD, it was also Duong Thuy Vi who pioneered to bring the first and only historic gold medal for Vietnam at the congress in Korea.

In Kuala Lumpur (Malaysia) in 2017, the beautiful Wushu once again successfully completed the swordsmanship contest with movements of high difficulty. Bringing the delicate beauty of a Vietnamese girl, Thuy Vi captivates the audience with each sword, sometimes soft and flexible, sometimes powerful and beautiful. The golden girl of Vietnamese sports won 9.67 points, 0.04 points more than the host country’s athlete Malaysia won silver. This achievement helped Thuy Vi bring home the first gold medal for Vietnamese sports at the 29th SEA Games.

The beauty of the Vietnamese martial arts village: The god of talent with superior class, the move is to have gold - Photo 2.

The moment she won the gold, Duong Thuy Vi burst into tears: “I believe in the ability to win before entering the competition, but the pressure and pressure from the host country is still very great, the two Malaysian athletes also have the advantage of competing first. But fortunately, the teachers and experts had it. Measures to help me relieve pressure, constantly telling myself about the technique of competition, otherwise when I go to the floor, I will not be able to perform.”

The Vietnamese sports “genius” would have had the 4th opportunity to open an account for the country in the regional arena if the Philippines did not cut the content of Vi’s forte at the 2019 SEA Games.

“Thinking back on that Philippine SEA Games, I just feel sorry. If I could attend the congress and have competition content, I would maintain the state of competition, especially since it was the last tournament of 2019. In 2 In 2020, 2021, we don’t have any international tournaments because of the epidemic.It is not my intention to attend the 2019 SEA Games, because the host country has cut the competition content. Losing a SEA Games is a pity, because it was a very different time when youth was young. I haven’t been able to attend the SEA Games for 5 years, making me look forward to this congress a lot.” Duong Thuy Vi said.

The beauty of the Vietnamese martial arts village: The god of talent with superior class, the move is to have gold - Photo 3.

Wushu has always been the gold mine of Vietnamese sports, where Duong Thuy Vi has created the most special point from her skillful performances and captivating charisma on the ring. The 2021 SEA Games will be held at Vietnam’s home ground, Wushu is no longer among the first sports, and Miss Duong Thuy Vi also hardly has the opportunity to prove her inherent charm. However, she is still one of the great hopes that promises to shine to win the prestigious gold medal.

Children of the “right way” family with classmates

Thuy Vi’s youth struggles with sweat, blood and tears on the practice floor. At the age of 29, Miss Wushu spends most of her time practicing martial arts.

Duong Thuy Vi (SN 1993) inherited “genes” from the family’s martial arts tradition. Her father has been practicing Shaolin since she was young, her mother is a martial arts master Wing Chun, from a young age she was attracted to the lines of boxing. The passion for martial arts soon seeped into Vi’s blood even though her parents wanted her to focus on her studies instead of wielding a sword and dancing like a man.

“When I heard that I was going to follow Wushu professionally, my parents were not satisfied. Especially my mother. She wanted me to walk lightly, speak softly, and smile gracefully like many other girls. But I couldn’t do that. I graduated from high school, and my family pressured me to give up. My parents were worried that Wushu would prevent me from having a clear future.” Thuy Vi shared.

The beauty of Vietnam's martial arts village: The god of talent with superior class, the move is to have gold - Photo 4.

It was Vi’s steadfastness that gradually convinced her parents to let her daughter follow the martial arts path. It was an important turning point leading to a “monument” like Duong Thuy Vi of the present.

In the memory of the SEA Games champion, “a girl who learns martial arts will not be bullied by anyone” is the phrase she gets the most when she talks about herself. But few people know that when she was in high school, that martial arts girl was often bullied by her friends. With the idea of ​​promoting martial arts that her parents taught, Thuy Vi often humbles her friends, but the more she endures, the more overwhelmed she becomes.

The beauty of the Vietnamese martial arts village: The god of talent with superior class, the move is to have gold - Photo 5.

“The tree wants to be still but the wind doesn’t stop, when I was in 8th grade, because that friend exceeded the limit, I used a hand-lock gesture to defend myself. That was the only time I was reluctant to “go right” Since then, this friend has been afraid and always calls me sister for studying in the same class and the same age.” Thuy Vi recounts the old story.

Almost retired due to injury but no concept of giving up

Exposure to martial arts since the age of 4, but Wushu officially associated with Duong Thuy Vi’s life from the age of 7. The first coach was also a close friend of her father. When he once asked her to jump long distances, he was extremely impressed with Vi’s long strides and strong bounce, surpassing even the older students.

Realizing that this is a raw gem that needs to be honed, he and the coaches at Trinh Hoai Duc Gymnasium (Hanoi) have worked hard to wait for Vi to shine. The expectation that the martial artists had for the girl born in 1993 also soon came to fruition when 3 years later, Duong Thuy Vi became the 2003 national youth champion. Thanks to her natural talent and outstanding progress. Through each stage, Vi was quickly included in the key list of Wushu. Starting at the age of 13, the SEA Games champion’s life was often associated with many months of training trips away from home.

The biggest event in the athlete’s life of Miss Wushu was the period from 2007 to 2008 when she was continuously involved with serious injuries. Witnessing the little princess walking home on limp feet, trying to fight back, who is a parent who doesn’t feel sorry. Thuong Vi, her parents advised her to retire many times. But what they got in return was only from the shake of the little princess’s head.

The beauty of the Vietnamese martial arts village: The god of talent with superior class, the move is to have gold - Photo 6.

“Everyone who practices gets injured, it’s just a little or a lot of pain. We have to go to the gym, jump and jump often, so our knees, limbs, or back are always sore. But at least I’m lucky that I haven’t yet. had to undergo surgery like some of the brothers and sisters in the team.

I don’t know why it’s still going on. Passion is certain, but it is also unexpected. Many times I told myself that I would stop practicing to study, do this and that, but now I still study, still work and still practice, not quit. I also didn’t promise anything to the coaching staff, just told the teachers what year to count that year, not set any goals. I’m afraid of making promises to others and not being able to do them, so I don’t promise.” Vi used to share.

The lover of the beauty of martial arts has witnessed the image of Miss Wushu compressing pain on the stage and then asking her teammates to carry her on the podium to receive the medal. That is enough to show the enthusiasm and passion of this girl with a genuine smile.

The beauty of the Vietnamese martial arts village: The god of talent with superior class, the move is to have gold - Photo 7.

Over 20 years of practice and competition, Duong Thuy Vi has won countless noble titles from national gold medals to SEA Games, ASIAD and the whole world. Each tournament is a historical journey of the beauty of Wushu village. At the age of 29, Vi has not yet thought of stopping. The flame of desire to conquer is always burning brightly and Duong Thuy Vi has never allowed herself to rest on her laurels.

This May, she will go with her teammates to conquer the 31st SEA Games gold medals right at home in Vietnam.

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