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Grandmother escorts the bride and groom with a stick

ChinaWorried that excessive jokes at the wedding will harm the bride and groom who are grandchildren, the old woman holds a stick all the way to welcome the bride.

The wedding that took place in Guizhou was just reported by the media on May 7, making many people laugh but also admire

“Many young people in my hometown like malicious jokes at weddings. Our family does not support this,” Mr. Jiang, the groom’s father, explained about the old woman’s actions.

While receiving the bride, many young people tried to harm the groom, his grandmother got angry and escorted the couple from the girl’s house to the groom’s house. The incident was recorded by Mr. Jiang and posted on social media as a family memory.

In the video, the old woman walks in front of the bride and groom, saying to the crowd, “If anyone dares to touch my grandchild, I will beat her”. Before that, when Mr. Jiang was about to stop the young people, she stopped: “You are young, don’t offend people by forbidding them to follow tradition. I’m 70 years old, I don’t care anymore.” .

Thanks to the grandmother, the young couple went to the groom’s house and completed the wedding ceremony without any trouble.

Grandmother holding a stick to protect the bride and groom at the wedding.  Photo: Douyin

Grandmother holding a stick to protect the bride and groom at the wedding. Image: Douyin

Many people who watched the video praised the grandmother’s actions. “How wonderful it is to have a grandmother like that.” Another called the woman “the strictest old lady” and suggested that China should ban the practice in weddings.

In China, there is often a custom of “Naohun”, ie the games that make a happy day, get lucky on the wedding day. Brides, grooms or bridesmaids and groomsmen are often teased, teased and even sexually harassed.

According to Hou Hongbin, a book writer in Guangzhou, before sex was a taboo subject in China, young people before marriage were often ignorant and lacked knowledge about sex. Therefore, friends will help the groom by whispering to share his experiences and to express his gratitude, the groom will “turn on the green light” for his friends to “play around” with the bridesmaids. Just like that, this happens again and again at the next weddings. Many evil games cause participants to bear unfortunate consequences.

In mid-October 2017, a best man at a wedding in Shandong, China, suffered brain damage and fell into a coma after his friends threw him high and then dropped to the ground. Not long ago, a groom was seriously injured, bleeding profusely because his friends tied to a pole and set firecrackers around.

A year later, a groom surnamed Xia, with his hands and feet tied, fell and was disabled due to a wedding prank. Last year, guests tied a groom to the root cause, repeatedly whipped. The more he shouted, the more excited the jokers became.

The government of Xunyi town, Guizhou, where the couple live, earlier this year, encouraged people to denounce the objectionable customs at the wedding to limit it.

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