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Here, the “cute” male lead in Korean movies is showing

Hwang In Yeop Score points for lovely moments in The sound of magic

Recently, the movie The sound of magic has officially aired on Netflix. Obviously, in all fairness, the content of the film is not bad at all.

For most fans, what they are most looking forward to is of course the comeback of actor Ji Chang Wook. But besides that, there is another name that is also worth watching: Hwang In Yeop.

In the drama, Hwang In Yeop plays Na Il Deung, an all-round good student. Il Deung is a classmate of the female lead Yoon Ah Yi (Choi Sung Eun). The guy has a crush on the girl and has brought the audience many lovely moments.

Na Il Deung is a typical “addicted but shy” young man

Lovely moment of character Na Il Deung

What’s attractive about The sound of magic?

The movie The sound of magic tells the story of Yoon Ah Yi, a poor high school girl. Also because of the pushy circumstances, the girl accidentally lost her dream. For her, her biggest and only wish is to quickly become an adult so that she can work and escape poverty. Meanwhile, Na Il Deung is a boy who always has to live for his parents’ dream. They have a chance to meet the mysterious magician Lee Eul. Thanks to that, the lives of all three were completely changed.

Here, the male lead is

Shape of Hwang In Yeop in The sound of magic.

Talking about The sound of magic, director Kim Sung Yoon once shared that he wanted viewers to be able to immerse themselves in a world full of magic, music, and choreography in the movie. At the same time, he also hopes that the audience can empathize with the characters’ situations and emotions.

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