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How much RAM does the computer need? When to upgrade RAM memory?

RAM, or Random Access Memory, is a vital component of your desktop computer, laptop, and even your smartphone or tablet.

However, depending on the price segment as well as the purpose of use, the amount of RAM on the devices is also very diverse.

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For smartphones, the amount of RAM mainly chosen by many brands for basic users is 4GB and 8GB for computers.

How important is RAM?

When you are multitasking (opening many applications at the same time) on your computer, you are relying heavily on the system’s RAM. If there is not enough RAM available, multitasking may slow down data processing on the device.

RAM is considered as the short-term memory of the device. Every time a program runs in the background, RAM will follow the stage that the program has stopped, the user can return to the program without waiting for it to reload.

This also applies to browser tabs, which is essential when you have dozens of browser tabs open at once.

In short, if your device doesn’t have enough RAM, every task on it will run slower when you try to multitask.

How much RAM “write” is enough?

Currently, 8 GB is the standard amount of RAM for mid-range desktop computers. Depending on the intended use, users can upgrade from 16 GB to 32 GB. This is extremely necessary if the machine has to use heavy tasks such as gaming and graphic design, ….

The RAM stored in the computer will be flat bars that we often call “RAM bars”. When buying RAM, you’ll find that these sticks have a typical combination like:

1 stick of RAM 16 GB

2 sticks of 8 GB RAM

4 sticks of RAM 4 GB

For desktop computers, RAM is one of the easiest parts of a PC to upgrade. You just need to determine how much RAM the device currently has, buy more and put it in the correct slot inside your case. The exact location of this slot will depend on your motherboard.

You just need to make sure that it all fits in the computer case and is compatible with the rest of the device.

With modern laptops, most of the RAM sticks are soldered in, so it’s impossible to replace them without damaging all the internal components. If you want to upgrade the RAM on your laptop, you’re better off buying a new machine or sending it to a professional repair and upgrade shop.

Upgrade RAM to suit your needs


If you spend most of your time on your computer composing documents and playing Solitaire, your PC may not need a significant amount of RAM.

8 GB of standard RAM is enough for the device to work well, it can meet most of your basic computing needs. You’ll even be able to open a few tabs in your browser without a major performance hit.


To meet the demands of modern software, 16 GB of RAM is what most people will need. This capacity level will balance well between running applications and consuming resources on your computer.

Aside from that, gamers will find that 16 GB meets the needs of running demanding games on their highest settings (though other factors like graphics card and CPU speed also play a role). important).

The 16 Gb figure is also ideal for artists who want to work with specialized software such as Photoshop, Blender and Adobe Premiere, but as projects become more and more complex, they are forced to upgrade their RAM to capacity. higher.


As mentioned, 16 GB is more suitable for most people and even provides some more room to push their PC to the limit without experiencing significant lag.

However, if you are a professional designer or editor whose projects tend to be complex, then 32 GB is ideal. For example, if you’re rendering 4K video or textures in Adobe Premiere or Photoshop, you’ll need at least 32 GB of RAM.

Learn more about VRAM

Besides RAM, there is also VRAM, which stands for video RAM. VRAM is where games and applications temporarily store the graphic information needed to render the next frame. This includes textures, images, grids, and shaders.

VRAM is built into your graphics card (GPU), and 8 GB is usually what you need for most design or gaming use cases.

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