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Huy Khanh’s ex-wife scolded Kim Tuyen with obscene words

Huy Khanh’s ex-wife has just had an extremely stressful status line aimed at Kim Tuyen.

Not long ago, during a meeting with the media, Kim Tuyen attracted attention when she frankly opened up about a third-person scandal related to Huy Khanh that caused a stir for a while. Here, she shared because she did not know Huy Khanh had a family, so it led to everything.

However, Kim Tuyen’s share did not satisfy Huy Khanh’s ex-wife. On the personal page, Luong Hoang Anh write: “Stop lying. Text someone’s wife and say they don’t know the man is married.”

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Status line of ex-wife Huy Khanh quickly captured by netizens and posted to showbiz groups. People divided into two camps with the sharing of ex-wife Huy Khanh, but what made many people disagree the most was her obscene statement.

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Huy Khanh’s ex-wife makes people disapprove of obscene statements on social networks.

This is not the first time, the ex-wife of actor Huy Khanh posted a forum to criticize Kim Tuyen with heavy words, accusing the actress of breaking their home. However, before the noise, Kim Tuyen was almost silent. On the occasion of re-appearing in movies Third person along with Ly Nha Ky and Korean actor Han Jae Suk, Kim Tuyen just opened up.

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Sharing old stories, Purl said that at that time she was lonely, lacking love because of her broken marriage, and Huy Khanh also showed everyone and she that she was single and ready for a new relationship. Therefore, Kim Tuyen admitted that she was led by love, fell in love blindly, leading to the excuse of affecting her reputation at that time.

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