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Incompetent in the mother’s eyes because of clinging to his wife

My current job is to take my three children to school, cook and clean. Everything inside and outside, the economy is decided by the wife.

I am 42 years old, divorced once, living with my second wife and have one child together. The current wife has been a husband for a lifetime, raising two sons of her own. I am business, strong and decisive. After we got married, we lived at her house with two stepchildren. I quit my job, help with business, housewife. She doesn’t let me interfere deeply in the business, just helps her with errands, whatever she says. Everything is decided by you and do not need my opinion. I was dissatisfied so I applied for a job.

A year, I jumped three or four companies, forever unstable, so I quit my job. I am depressed, self-deprecating, pressured as the man in the family. All expenses in the wife’s house. Before I went to work, gave two parts of my salary to my wife, she didn’t say anything. Raising three children is expensive, and I know it’s stressful on my wife, too. Since quitting my job, money for coffee, allowances, marriage… I didn’t ask my wife but asked my mother.

>> Worried about having to depend on his wife’s economy

I talked to my mother many times about the pressures of living with my wife. Mom scolded me mercilessly: “Don’t you want your wife to leave you? It was hard to get, now what do you want?” My mother’s words hurt me. Perhaps in the eyes of my mother and wife, I am so incompetent, beyond the age of 40, I still have nothing, and still have a reputation for clinging to my wife.

I feel like I need to do something to get out of this feeling, but I can’t find a way out. Please share with me.


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