Japan is expected to welcome international tourists as soon as May: What are the conditions?

Japan is making efforts to open up to international tourists in the near future, Forbes quoted the statement that Japanese Prime Minister Fumio Kishida recently made during his visit to Longdon. Mr. Kishida also noted that he will have to consider the infection situation after Japan’s Golden Week period.

“By June, based on expert opinion, we will consider regulations related to Covid-19, including border policy, in phases,” Kishida said.

According to the Fuji News Network (FNN – Japan), the country is expected to conduct a trial opening of its borders with small groups of fully vaccinated foreign visitors as soon as this May.

FNN, citing a Japanese government source, said that those who want to travel to Japan must ensure that they have had 3 doses of the Covid-19 vaccine and participate in a tour package with a fixed schedule. This limited travel resumption will be considered experimental and, if widespread transmission does not occur, the program will be expanded. This is considered a lifeline for Japan’s tourism industry.

“We will further relax control measures, so that by June, [khách quốc tế] will be able to enter Japan as smoothly as other G7 countries,” Kishida said.

The spirit is the same, but it is still unclear to what extent Japan will relax because the entry regulations are not uniform among the G7 countries. For example, the US, Germany, and Canada require travelers to be fully vaccinated, but Italy, France and the UK do not.

According to Forbes, in general, Asian countries are slower to open to international visitors than many parts of the world. However, in the past few months, international tourists who have been fully vaccinated against Covid-19 have had more travel options in Asia such as India, South Korea, the Philippines, and Malaysia.

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