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Lynn Hoang – Vietnamese blockchain general

Lynn Hoang, Head of Binance Southeast Asia, expects that in 3 to 5 years, no one will ask what blockchain is.

“I look forward to normalizing blockchain and spreading knowledge to more people,” she said. Blockchain is a new area of ​​technology, with mostly male participation. However, when it comes to the Vietnamese blockchain community, Lynn Hoang is not a strange name. The director of Binance Southeast Asia is considered a pioneer in building and promoting the Vietnamese blockchain ecosystem in the top 10 important countries of Binance – the world’s largest cryptocurrency exchange.

Lynn Hoang, Head of Binance Southeast Asia.  Photo: NVCC

Lynn Hoang, Head of Binance Southeast Asia. Image: NVCC

The chance to come to blockchain

Lynn Hoang holds a bachelor’s degree in finance and accounting from the University of San Francisco and a master’s degree in business administration from Golden Gate University. While still in school, she worked remotely on many technology-related projects with friends in Vietnam.

In 2016, she quit her job at a logistics company in the US to participate in Hackathons, where she first learned about blockchain. “My teammates and I were lucky to win at three blockchain competitions, receive crypto rewards, which made me quite excited. That was the chance that brought me to participate in the blockchain ecosystem in Silicon Valley,” she said. .

This daily change of technology makes her curious and want to explore. “Blockchain is not only a cryptocurrency as people think. This technology is also applied to data management in a variety of areas of life such as healthcare, education, finance, logistics, entertainment… . This will be a step forward to prevent forgery, change data and be able to monitor data anywhere while ensuring security,” Lynn Hoang said.

Raising Vietnam’s position on the global blockchain map

In 2017, after leaving her position as COO at Remitano, Lynn accepted a job offer from Binance. After two years under her leadership, Southeast Asia has become a key market for Binance, while Vietnam is among the 10 countries with the highest percentage of crypto holders in the world.

Vietnam is also one of the leading countries in the application trend NFT. Axie Infinity is a prime example. October 2020, NFT . game This is listed on the Binance Launchpad fundraising exchange. At that time, its value was at 0.1 USD / token, now it is more than 40 USD / token, an increase of more than 400 times.

“Over the past two years, my team and I have carried out many activities to connect people such as Hackathon, GameFi and NFT exhibition, Vietnam Blockchain Day…. helping the Vietnamese community have many projects connected with Binance. “, Lynn Hoang said. “Most recently, at the end of March was the event Vietnam Blockchain Expoverse within the framework of Binance Blockchain Week in Dubai, providing direct access to founders, institutional investors, regulators, and international officials.”

Lynn Hoang in a blockchain event.  Photo: Minh Anh

Lynn Hoang in a blockchain event. Image: Minh Anh

Although Vietnamese enterprises have made their mark on the world blockchain market, most of them are registered to operate in foreign countries. Therefore, according to Lynn Hoang, the most important thing is to have a suitable legal corridor to promote the development of blockchain.

“The opportunity that blockchain brings happens very quickly, before shaping businesses to take the leading role. If not seizing this opportunity, Vietnam may once again repeat the “bleeding” situation. startup like in other fields for many years,” she emphasized. “If it can take advantage of its advantages in blockchain application in all fields, within five years, Vietnam can become a country as strong as Singapore.”

She also pointed out some areas where Vietnam can apply blockchain such as public administration management, degree management in education to help transparency and clarity. In the agricultural sector, blockchain can make transportation easy, cost-effective, and traceable.

“Actually, blockchain is not something so sublime, mysterious as many people think. The important thing is still the idea of ​​a business or management model, and blockchain is just a tool to help us achieve our goals. I believe in the future, blockchain will appear in all areas of life,” she said.

Blockchain needs a female perspective

Female technology workers are few, influential in the blockchain world like Lynn Hoang is even rarer. “In order to be able to communicate smoothly with engineers and product designers, I taught myself programming and designing through online classes and found it not as difficult as I thought,” Lynn said.

“There are not many women currently involved in product development, I hope women will contribute their perspectives to create more feminine and friendly products, thereby increasing the number of users. women,” she said.

That is also the reason she once organized free blockchain lessons for more than 500 women in Ho Chi Minh City. She also expects the ratio of blockchain-savvy men to women to equalize soon. She is also continuing her role connecting industry leaders, educators, policy makers, regulators and technology entrepreneurs to promote adoption and use of new technology through education, innovation and consulting.

“I hope the blockchain network in Vietnam will quickly expand to help bring the number of blockchain users to one billion worldwide,” she said.

According to Lynn Hoang, the combination of blockchain, AR/VR, and Internet connectivity will bring Vietnam closer to a new era of metaverse – a place where physical and digital life converges. This trend is taking shape when Facebook changes its name to Meta. Global investment bank Goldman Sachs predicts the metaverse has the potential to become an $8 trillion market.

Huy Nguyen, co-founder of KardiaChain, highly appreciates Lynn Hoang’s contribution in disseminating knowledge and building blockchain community in Vietnam.

“When it comes to technology, many people often think of men. The appearance of an influential person like Lynn Hoang has brought a new breath. It is her understanding of technology and a close way of communication, Lynn has bringing blockchain closer to users.She is also the representative of Vietnam in negotiations and attracting investment capital in the international market.This is especially important to help the Vietnamese blockchain community develop rapidly and strong to the world,” he said.

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