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Maid goes to jail for using landlord’s credit card

On May 6, the court Singapore Sentenced to 10 months in prison for defendant Ririn Ria Pusvita Sari, 28 years old, for the crime of credit card theft of the landlord while working for this person, according to the newspaper The Straits Times.

Beware of stolen credit card information


Prosecutors said that Sari, an Indonesian maid, in August 2021 happened to see a credit card on the table belonging to the landlord, an 85-year-old woman. Out of greed, Sari took credit card information to create 2 accounts on an online shopping website. To get a one-time password during registration, Sari takes phone theft of the victim before returning it to its original place.

Then, from August to September 2021, this maid used the card 26 times to buy goods online (including expensive phones, clothes, etc.) and fill up gas. By the time the homeowner discovered the credit card was lost in September 2021, helper spent nearly 13,700 SGD (227 million VND). When the police searched the defendant’s home, they found all the items he bought online.

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