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Meta pays up to $4,000 to content creators on Facebook Reels

This is a new incentive for creators to participate in the Reels Play bounty program.

Meta allows Facebook Reels on Facebook video creators to earn up to $4,000 per month for original content.

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The company is tweaking its payouts to reward creators who create high-quality original content that resonates with the world.

Facebook Challenges is a new way for creators to go through a series of challenges and achieve maximum payouts. “Each creator in the program will participate in a series of challenges in cumulative order each month. For example, they will earn 20 USD when 5 of their Reels videos reach 100 views on each video,” said Meta.

Once a player completes the 5 Reels challenges above, they will be moved to the next challenge.

For example, players will earn $100 with 20 of their Reels videos hitting 500 views each, and so on. The amount of the bonus will increase gradually according to the level of the challenge.

Player progress will return to #1 at the start of each bonus 30-day streak.

Meta is also rolling out insights to Reels Play creators on Facebook. On the Reels Play Bonus Insights page in Facebook, creators can easily view each of the eligible Reels videos received during a certain monetization period.

Additionally, the company runs ads in Reels videos on Facebook, testing them with more creators and opening up more high-quality ad spaces.

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