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Missing female teacher with 2 small children

On May 8, the authorities of Cam Van commune, Cam Giang district, Hai Duong province are still coordinating with the authorities to search for 3 mother and daughter VTHTh., 31 years old, a kindergarten teacher, suspected of being missing.

Accordingly, around 10 am this morning, Ms. Th. texting some acquaintances with something like goodbye, then with 2 young children (9 months and 2 years old) went out of the house. The family and the locality organized a search and discovered slippers, phones, strollers of 3 mother and daughter at the bank of Thai Binh river.

After releasing the net, diving all over the river for many hours, but the rescue team still has not found the trace of the mother and daughter suspected of being missing on the riverbank.

The female teacher sent a farewell message and took two small children with her, suspected of being missing at the riverbank - Photo 1.

The functional force organized the search for the mother and daughter chn

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