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Money flying everywhere in the middle of the road, the people of Da Nang don’t “smell”

About 10 million VND of a young man on a motorbike dropped and flew all over the streets of Da Nang, but no one “spoiled” but stopped to pick it up to help the “suffering owner” not lack a penny.

On May 7, a touching story was spread on social networks, recounting the incident that a young man riding a motorbike had dropped his wallet, causing about 10 million VND inside to fall out and fly all over the tunnel. Dien Bien Phu tunnel (Thanh Khe district, Da Nang).

At this time, many people stopped to collect money. Think of the looters, panicking, so this guy also tries to collect as much or as much as possible. However, contrary to expectations, everyone picked up the money and neatly folded it, giving the owner a wallet that did not lack a single coin.

Mr. Nguyen Van Duong (SN 1993, resident of Cam Le district, Da Nang city), who dropped money, said that the incident happened this morning (May 7), when he was driving his mother from Thanh Khe district to the center. city ​​for delivery. Due to the shallow pockets, the wallet fell out.

Money is flying everywhere in the wind, but Da Nang people still do not “smell”

When Mr. Duong discovered that the money had been dropped and turned around to look for it, he saw the money in his wallet flying everywhere because the wind tunnel was very large.

According to Mr. Duong, the new batch of goods received about 10 million dong, of which mainly the denominations of 50,000 and 200,000 dong were carried by the wind to the hatch.

At this time, there were a lot of people passing by, but no one “spoiled”, but stopped to pick up money to help Duong’s mother and son. Some people also stopped to arrange traffic for the cars to move safely.

Mr. Duong added that when everyone picked up the money and sent it back, he checked that there was not a single penny missing, and his identity papers were not lost.

It is known that Duong and his family moved from Thanh Hoa to Da Nang to make a living by trading poultry. He himself was very touched by the generosity of Da Nang people.

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