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Most of them are indispensable items of the sister association

Hanoi is about to enter the hot period. With the hot summer weather like today, if your car often has to be parked in the hot sun for a long time, there are many things you need to pay attention to. One of them is the items that should not be left in the car under hot weather conditions. Many types of objects will be deformed, even catching fire and causing extremely dangerous explosions.

Easily deformed objects

1. Cosmetics and medicines

This is probably a must-have for women regardless of the season. In particular, in the summer, sunscreen as well as skin care products and lipsticks are indispensable.

However, with sunscreen, if left in a car for a long time, it is likely that the cream bottle will explode, especially the spray form. Besides, the high temperature heats up the tube of cream which cannot be used immediately on the skin.

But lipstick is made from pigments, oils, waxes and emollients, so it will dissolve in an environment higher than room temperature. Even when cooled, lipstick can still have long-term effects such as changing ingredients, changing color.

Taboo items left in cars parked for a long time in the hot sun: Most are indispensable items of the sister association - Photo 1.

Cosmetics and drugs are both chemical compounds that are sensitive to high temperatures, because they can change the ingredients inside, creating bad effects for users such as rashes, allergies.

As for the tablets, capsules can be ineffective, even dangerous to the user.

It is not natural that these types are advised to be kept in low temperatures, away from sunlight. Therefore, even if left in the car, do not think that they are okay in the car, ladies!

2. Rubber, glue, tape

At high temperatures, rubber gloves, rubber sandals, flip flops or glues can completely turn into liquid form. Accordingly, if these objects are placed directly on the seats and floor of the car, the car owner will spend a lot of money and time to clean.

3. Candies, cakes, snacks

Girls often have a habit of snacking more than men. And if the sisters are not passionate about this dish, many people also reserve it for their children in case they ask for it.

However, there is one thing you need to keep in mind that candies or snacks are really easy to melt when the temperature is high in the car.

4. Objects made of plastic

Even high-tech electronic devices are easily damaged, plastic items such as sunglasses, CDs, DVDs, plastic boxes… can melt when the temperature in the car is high.

Inflammable and explosive objects

5. Lighter

Many people think that carrying a lighter is okay. But in fact, it has many potential risks, especially when left in a car in hot weather.

When the temperature in the car is high, the gas in the lighter expands strongly and can suddenly explode. Therefore, it is best on a hot summer day you do not leave the lighter in the car.

Taboo items left in cars parked for a long time in the hot sun: Most are indispensable items of the sister association - Photo 2.

In addition to carbonated water, mineral water bottled in plastic or transparent glass is the most popular and popular drink. But few female drivers know that they can be the main cause of many car fires.

6. Electronics

High temperatures also damage components in high-tech electronics. There are things you need to pay attention to such as: camera, laptop, phone, ….

For example, leaving the camera in a car in hot weather can cause the lens and memory card to lose its effectiveness. Along with that, the battery is a dangerous component if left in the car because the acid in the battery can leak out, causing harm to the skin and eyes of people in the car.

7. Carbonated drinks

When the temperature in the car increases, drinks with a large amount of carbonated… can explode, causing danger.

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