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Mr. Zelensky ‘challenged’ the German Chancellor to visit Kiev on Victory Day 9/5 to prove this

Mr. Zelensky

Russian President Zelensky is said to have “challenged” the German Chancellor to visit Kiev on Victory Day on May 9 to prove that he is on the side of Ukraine in its conflict with Russia. Photo IT

The British newspaper reported that the President of Ukraine, who had previously accused Berlin of being too close to Moscow, said that Mr. Scholz should visit Kiev on Russia’s Victory Day (May 9). Victory Day is celebrated every year in Russia to celebrate the Soviet Union’s victory over Nazi Germany in World War II.

Zelensky stated at an event of Chatham House (UK) that, although Mr. Scholz has so far refused to visit Kiev because of Berlin’s foreign policy, the German leader’s visit on Victory Day will bring high iconography.

“He was invited to Ukraine. He can take this very powerful political move on May 9. Sometimes in history, we have to take certain steps to unite… even if there is some coldness in specific relationships,” Zelensky stressed.

Relations between Berlin and Kiev have soured since the conflict between Russia and Ukraine broke out in February.

Kiev has accused Berlin of failing to deliver weapons shipments to Ukraine as promised and of blocking energy sanctions against Russia.

Germany is heavily dependent on Russian energy supplies and had intended to open the Nord Stream 2 pipeline to Russia before Chancellor Scholz canceled the project as a result of the war in Ukraine.

Scholz’s predecessor, former Chancellor Angela Merkel, also enjoyed a more positive relationship with Russian President Vladimir Putin than with other European leaders.

However, German politicians insist that tensions between the country and Ukraine are overblown as they insist that they are continuing to support KIev.

Ukraine previously alleged that German President Frank-Walter Steinmeier was not welcome to visit Kiev due to his alleged contacts with the Kremlin.

However, the President of Ukraine sought to ease tensions by announcing that Mr. Steinmeier was now welcome to visit Ukraine.

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