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My daughter’s teacher became unusually close, mother was shocked when she checked her son’s phone

In 2020, a female teacher in the city of Holly Hill, Florida, USA, was accused of having sex with her own male student, which resulted in her receiving an appropriate prison sentence.

This teacher is Kristen O’Brien, 31 years old, who works at a Christian school. Since the beginning of September 2020, Kristen suddenly became close to the family of a male student. She befriends the boy’s mother, tutors the boy’s brother, and tries to be close enough to have more exposure to the boy. Kristen even deliberately took the boy’s brother out to eat to make the boy feel jealous.

At first, Kristen only came to this family to play every weekend but gradually, every few days she came. The most horrifying thing happened on September 6, 2020, Kristen had sex with the male student while they were sleeping together on the sofa, while the boy’s mother was sleeping next to him. When the mother woke up, she found Kristen still sleeping on the sofa and stayed until 5am the next morning, but did not know anything about Kristen’s depraved behavior with her son.

The child's teacher became unusually close, the mother was shocked when she checked her son's phone - 1

Kristen O’Brien (left).

After a while, the mother felt that her son had strange expressions and was psychologically unstable, so he was extremely worried and confused. When the mother checked her son’s phone, she found messages from Kristen via text messages and Instagram. These messages are all indecent content.

Enraged, the mother immediately called teacher Kristen to a meeting. Here, Kristen was quick to admit her behavior. According to the police report, Kristen admitted to having developed feelings for her student. She told the boy about her true feelings and told him to choose.

Kristen took advantage of the boy’s innocence and curiosity to seduce the boy. She tells the boy that the boy has two options: Either they can pretend they never heard her confess their feelings and they stop talking, or they can do whatever they want without her. No need to worry about the consequences.

Kristen then deliberately made the boy jealous by showing concern for his brother. Kristen also became close to the boy’s family so they could spend more time together. When given the opportunity, she abused this male student.

The mother immediately informed the police and Kristen was expelled from the school on the grounds of “having an inappropriate relationship with the student”. On October 16, 2020, she was arrested by the police. Kristen spent some time in prison, then was released on bail when paying the amount of $ 50,000 (more than 1.1 billion). Kristen will face trial on a felony charge of pedophilia for abusing a child aged 12-16.

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